Alexander Eusebio, your swedish fans cry for you

February 27, 2011 § 10 Comments

Wednesday morning, sitting in front of my computer with my coffee, going through the online newspapers and Kpop news sites. As reading the top news I freeze, and a moment later tears start to fall down my cheek.
What the hell, Kibum and Alexander to leave U-Kiss?
Quickly searching through some of the news blogs and trying to find a twitter update by Alexander(none). It was true.
But how can this be, U-Kiss is not an idol group to have scandals? They are funny, dorky and silly, this is not funny.
I get ready for work, on Facebook, a pending message from my friend Johanna, she wants me to explain what’s going on, but I know just as little.
Calling her on my way to work and we have a long conversation about NH Media and U-Kiss.
Reflection: I am closer to 30 then 25, I’m on the subway, heading for work and I can’t stop the tears from falling, not crying really, but the tears just wont stop. Why? The idol industry is terrible, but I want it to be good.

I manage to clear my head and leave the troubles to work, during lunch another friend sends a text with condoleances regarding U-Kiss. My friends know how much I enjoy their varietys, music and member Alexander, I want him to be my friend. And my friends are just as upset as I am.
We know that it is a tough industry and not every idol will survive, but there are good ways, bad ways and terrible ways to get rid of idols.
NH Media clearly have no problem telling everyone that they find at least Kibum lacking in skills. They want to make a member change. NH Media, obviously suck at diplomacy.
I was never a big fan of Kibum, but he was with them from the beginning, he used to be a member of Xing and clearly, he does not want to leave the group. Poor guy, it must be terrible at the moment.
Alexander on the other hand, even though not being the most popular member, people who just heard about the group only know about the oldest member, him. He is outgoing, funny, speaks many different languages and tends to act really mature in interviews. He can dance and does a decent rap. NH Media wants to replace him because…?
The other members, how do they feel? Atleast Kevin and Dongho seems really close to Alexander.
The rest of the week was colored by this. Kibum is pissed of, kicked out of the agency and with nothing to loose tells everyone exactly what he thinks. Alexander on the other hand, kept in the agency, outside the group, keeps quiet. What does he think? How can this feel? Sitting at my kitchen table drinking beer and analyzing this with a friend, I can only tell you this Alexander Eusebio, your swedish fans cry for you.

Including a video of Brave brothers collaborating with Kevin & Alexander, the saddest Kpop MV ever made?
/The Future is Idol

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