Two weeks already Alexander…

March 9, 2011 § 3 Comments

We have no intentions to update this blog two or three times a day, have no time, but sometimes you just have to express yourself. That is the entire meaning of having a blog? Today, two weeks have passed since the news about member change in U-Kiss. It feels like more actually, so many feelings have been felt, so many thoughts shared with friends over the mystery of NH Media and their choice to remove Alexander Eusebio and Kim Kibum from U-Kiss, replacing them with new “better” idols. Iv’e been angry, Iv’e cried a bit and I am more synical then ever before over the fact that the idol industry is ruthless. To do things like this to an idol group is going against fundamental and unwritten rules over fandom. Yet there has not been a word from Alexander, except from his good bye speech this last Sunday in Indonesia, an incredibly sad moment in the Kpop history. Dongho did a twitter update, with an apology to fans, asking them to support all of U-Kiss, including Kibum, Alexander and the two new members. Eli twittered a picture with him and the two new members. So, the show will almost certainly go on, whatever I will feel or think about it. But I will never be able to feel the same joy concerning U-Kiss as I once did.

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