Alexander, still an idol

May 15, 2011 § 1 Comment

Soompi made an interview with Alexander Eusebio the other day concerning his up coming work with 3RD Wave Music and their new album. I’m always happy to see Alexander in interviews, especially these  days since I desperately want him to get back on track after getting sacked by NH Media. And, as my friend Elin said in a message a couple of hours ago: How could they do that? Alexander still looks gentle and kind, and he is absolutely crazy. Still the same Alexander, but perhaps a bit more grown up. He says in the interview that he is free now, hopefully that is actually what he feels, but he must be really hurt by what happend to him earlier this spring.

I’ve spent so much time thinking about Alexander, U-Kiss and the idol industry this spring, and I’m as confused as ever before. What do I really think, and how does it make me react? When he tweeted with Dongho the first time after quitting U-Kiss my heart almost fell apart, it was so sad. I don’t know if he keeps in contact with the other members of U-Kiss, except Kibum that is, but he seems to have a nice and supportive family. Waiting to see him on stage soon through 3RD Wave, and then hopefully, after that, on his own or in a new group, since I really do believe that he is the kind of person who makes a nice idol.

/The Future is Idol

U-Kiss, agony and trusting yourself

April 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

Today and yesterday, I have been in agony over 0330, the new single and MV from U-Kiss. Close friends of mine told me on Thursday evening that they really liked this song, and maybe they had a bit of a hard time telling me that they did so. This since I’ve been so upset by NH Media dropping Alexander and Kibum. And actually, I felt a little bit hurt when I heard this, that they liked it so much, a feeling that wanished quickly though. You and your friends can not have every thing in common. But I was left with fear, fear of maybe being wrong. Maybe I disliked the new single just because of the member change and nothing else?

So yesterday after work, I listened to 0330 over and over again, to see if there was something I missed out on when I first heard the song and first saw the video.

The MV looks great, the guys are all dressed better then ever, the production seems really expensive, but still, I don’t like it. As I said earlier, it wouldn’t surprise me if U-Kiss actually won something for the first time with this new single, but that doesn’t matter, I still don’t get the song.

Now you might think, ok, maybe he is not the ballad kind of guy, he probably only likes the electro pop songs of the Kpop scene? But this is not true, I have a really soft spot for great and smooth ballads, wether it’s DBSK, Hwangbo, Super Junior or SHINee etc. It might not be my favourite genre and I never understood SM the Ballad, but no one else did that either. So no, it is not because of the song due to it being a ballad and it is not because of the MV looking bad, since it isn’t.

I just don’t get this song, and do not like it.

Of what reason, I don’t know, probably it is all of this mixed in a bowl. But as I’ve also written earlier, one problem is the fact that I really in the first place is a fan of Alexander Eusebio and him being a part of an idol group and not of U-Kiss. And every time U-Kiss released something new, it was never the single I liked the most but rather some other track on the album.

Maybe there will be a day when I look back and read this with a changed mind, but at the moment I have to trust myself and see that Bran New KISS is not the mini album for me and not for Alexander. But that is ok really, even though a bit sad.

Below, two examples of ballads that I really like:


Ballads all over the place.

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WTF. NH Media, is this it?

March 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

The mini album Bran New KISS from U-Kiss was released today, and when I finaly got home I actually sat down to listen to it, with a bit of pain in my heart. If you ever visited this blog before you know how hard it’s been for me to accept the way NH Media handled their idols over this last month. The company NH Media said that they wanted to make changes in U-Kiss and fired Alexander and Kibum. Also, Alexander just happend to be one of the reasons for me to like U-Kiss aso it hurt even more because of this but I felt that NH Media treated the two members and the rest of the group in a really bad way. To say out open that idols lack in skills, is not the most clever thing you could do to keep your fans supporting. And it’s agianst every aspect of politeness.

Anyway, the new mini album is here, two new members joined. And the result… IT SOUNDS EXACTLY like it did a couple of months ago with the old settings of members, but with out a hit song. So the big change is? Seriously, i was a bit afraid since I actually thought for a while that they would be back with something incredible, but this is not incredible, this is U-Kiss ordinaire. And the member change was to do what?

Hah, with me being this upset it wouldn’t surprise me if they for the first time would actually win something…

Disappointed but happy/The Future is Idol

Heartbroken by fans

March 26, 2011 § 7 Comments

U-Kiss. Of course this post is going to be about U-Kiss. Nothing else in this Kpop world fit in my head at the moment since U-Kiss is back, marching on like there is no tomorow. 5th mini album Bran New KISS coming closer with pictures, teasers, bright colors, interviews AND TWO NEW MEMBERS. MV and full release any moment. How do they bare?

I mean, every group that goes through a separation has to come back sooner or later, but preferably, they do it later.

The new U-Kiss teaser was released on Thursday, I still haven’t seen it, I dont want to. And when the album photo, along with the list of songs included on the mini album was released, one of the most difficult things for me was to read the comments posted by fans. I do not understand, how can the fans seem to forget so fast? Most of the comments seen online are cheers for the group, supporting and loving words for new and old members, as if this was the only way to deal with the break up. Do the members not mean anything? Is it all just about the idea of a group, no matters who is carrying it?

When even the members of U-Kiss talk about the difficult time they went through lately, making it sound like they really don’t know how to deal with the situation, then, this is not the proper way for the fans to deal with either. Not for me, certainly not now.

I’m not in any way trying to say I am more loyal then others, but perhaps to my feelings. On the other hand, am I a fan of U-Kiss? Maybe this is my biggest problem in this issue, not really being a fan of U-Kiss, but rather some of the members…

Not more then a month passed since Alexander and Kibum was forced to leave the group, breaking hearts of fangirls and fanboys all over the world. NH Media expect fans to just go along, keep loving and supporting the group once loved. I can’t do this, I’m in no way feeling supportive at the moment. Anger, fear and sadness is what feels inside concerning U-Kiss, since U-Kiss is not U-Kiss with out Alexander and Kibum. Without Alexander…

I’m facing this comeback, not with numbness, but with a feeling of not being a part of it all.

L/The Future is Idol

No, I don’t want a Bran New KISS

March 23, 2011 § 1 Comment

Released today, album jacket photos and list of songs included on U-Kiss 5th mini album Bran New Kiss. The pic looks pretty good if you like the boyish charm theme(I don’t) and they used the same composer as for Shut Up, so it will probably be a great song, but I’m not happy. It’s to soon for me and gives me a feeling of the fact that absolutely every one is replaceable. I want it to be as it was before. I want Alxander and Kibum back with the group, on the same time I know that wont happen, ever agian. But how could they ever record a variety without them? Alexander seems to be doing ok as he went to Busan on a trip with Kibum and had eye surgery (so he wont be needing contact lenses any more). I want Alexander on stage again, but really hope he will rest a bit before doing so.

/The Future is Idol

Bran New Kiss

March 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Kevin Woo tweeted earlier today about the upcoming mini album from U-Kiss, released on March 30th, named “Bran New KISS”. He seems happy, or acts happy at least. Did they tell him to do so or is he just fooling himself? Who can be happy over U-Kiss at this moment? I’m not, my friends are not. When groups break up, or a member leaves of some bothersome reason, it’s really hard to get back to were you once stood in your fandom. I don’t even want to think about how it really must feel for Kevin and the others at this moment. I guess it’s good that everyone keep themselves busy. I remember how hurtful it was when DBSK broke up, or how sad I still feel when Super Junior talks about Hangeng. The feelings you build up towards your idols are hard to explain, but they are for real, even if it sounds unreal. You get hurt when something you love is ruined. I don’t react as hard as I would if someone in my family got hurt, but the reaction is there all the same. It feels like ages ago when Jaebeom had to leave 2PM, everyone knew the original reason, but as the weeks passed by, he didn’t return, and said only that he couldn’t return due to other terrible things that had happend. The fans desperatly wanted to know what, but neither company or Jaebeom would tell. I remeber how fascinated I was over how the fans reacted, the pain and agony. And the most interesting thing in that case was not how sad everyone was over Jaebeom leaving, but the fact that no one could tell the true reasons behind all of it. Of course Kevin has to be happy over U-Kiss new mini album, it’s his life and his job. But it hurts me, and lots of others as well. Because we ,strangely as it is, want to see him sad, missing Kibum and Alexander. I just know for a fact that I won’t buy “Bran New KISS”.

I hope that Alexanders eye surgery went/goes well.

/The Future is Idol

Alexander, fears, hope.

March 17, 2011 § 5 Comments

On my long subway ride home from work earlier today, I tried to sort out my thoughts concerning all kinds of things. It seems there is no time for anything these days. I’m burried in work, and other things that I really need to do take up the remaining time, I also know that i choose it all myself. Does this mean I’m doing something wrong? I can’t even remember when I last met some of my friends, and to get home from work and just sit down and relax seems almost impossible, am I’m the only one with problems like this? I don’t think so, but that really does not help. This last week was completly turned up side down by the earthquake and disaster in Japan, focus on everything else was lost on friday evening, just glad that I managed to transcribe my notes from the meeting with my professor earlier that day, before I was completly overwhelmed by all the news reports. Never in my life have I been so affected by a human disaster. Sweden and Japan does resemble each other in many ways, maybe it all got a bit to close.

I want to be able to hide in my Kpop passion from everything, but that does not seem to work at all for now. I don’t want to watch anything silly and completly forgot to check fuckyeah onkey! and other similar sites these past days. Yesterday I was furious over the Kpop MVs released, of many different reasons, fed up by cuteness was one reason and I still believe in every word I wrote.

I tried to not think to much about Alexander (Eusebio that is), I’ve given him so much thought already. But I’m following him on twitter and so I can’t help but to be remembered. Apparently, he is about to team up with christian music project 3rdWaveMusic, for their up coming album. He really fits in that context, and he probably gets a chance to perform a bit and hang out with really nice people. But what lies beyond that? Alexander Eusebio, I want you to perform on stage, to participate in some kind of reality and to take really cool pics to show just how wrong it was to fire you. My dream is for you to be on WGM, but is that likely to happen? I also need you to keep being who you are, because you are one of the best, positive and well mannered. But I dont want you to get stuck, lets say, with a boring VJ job or with a christian radio show. I invented these scenarios myself, but they don’t seem that unlikely to happen. No Alexander, I need you to take revenge as an idol.

I also follow Kevin on twitter, and I’m fairly upset that he at this moment does not tweet to Alexander like he used to. Even though I perfectly well understand why he doesn’t. I want it to be as it was a month ago, on the other hand I don’t really… Spring is moving closer every day, the roads through the park outside my house are almost clear of snow, and in the middle of the day the sun shines so bright, heating everything, that I have to open the windows in my class room, and it doesn’t get dark until after I get home. I’ve started of a new study period at Uni and oH!aH! was released. Some things do get better. I send you off with one of the most perfect U-Kiss songs ever made.

best regards/The Future is Idol

Signs of life

March 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

alexander_0729: WHO said I won’t TWEET anymore!? I’m BACK!! *ROAR!* LOL~ Thank y’all for the comfort & nice words… hv been reading my mentions… =v=)b

So happy/The Future is Idol

Two weeks already Alexander…

March 9, 2011 § 3 Comments

We have no intentions to update this blog two or three times a day, have no time, but sometimes you just have to express yourself. That is the entire meaning of having a blog? Today, two weeks have passed since the news about member change in U-Kiss. It feels like more actually, so many feelings have been felt, so many thoughts shared with friends over the mystery of NH Media and their choice to remove Alexander Eusebio and Kim Kibum from U-Kiss, replacing them with new “better” idols. Iv’e been angry, Iv’e cried a bit and I am more synical then ever before over the fact that the idol industry is ruthless. To do things like this to an idol group is going against fundamental and unwritten rules over fandom. Yet there has not been a word from Alexander, except from his good bye speech this last Sunday in Indonesia, an incredibly sad moment in the Kpop history. Dongho did a twitter update, with an apology to fans, asking them to support all of U-Kiss, including Kibum, Alexander and the two new members. Eli twittered a picture with him and the two new members. So, the show will almost certainly go on, whatever I will feel or think about it. But I will never be able to feel the same joy concerning U-Kiss as I once did.

/The Future is Idol

Black Monday

March 7, 2011 § 2 Comments

The day started with the news of new U-Kiss member “Hoon” to debute soon. He can sing and do all sorts of things. Somehow, that does not feel relevant at all. Sitting with my first cup of coffee for the day, tears are falling down my cheek because of the unjust system that make people like Alexander Eusebio leave his dream. Terrible way to start a week.

/The Future is Idol

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