Kpop, Hallyu and Feminism

KPOP is not so much a genre as a word to describe the modern (usually commercial) music scene in South Korea. A collection name used through out the world that refers to – pop music from South Korea.
It consist of a variety of genres such as pop, hiphop, R’nB and electronica. Popular groups:
earlier(old school):
Fin.K.L, H.O.T., S.E.S. and Shinhwa
DBSK(Tohoshinki), Super Junior, Snsd(Girls Generation), BIG BANG, After School, Kara, SHINee, T-ara, U-kiss, 2NE1, Girls Day, Teen Top, SS501, Jewelry, 2PM, 2AM, Secret etc…

HALLYU, the Korean Wave is a term used to describe the ever growing popularity of South Korean culture outside it’s country of origin since the late 1990s. Tv-series and music from South Korea is trending all over South and East Asia, but also in places such as the Middle East, South America and Eastern Europe.

This is important, so read carefully.
Here at The Future is Idol we belive that women and men should be treated with the same amount of respect everywhere and all the time. AND ALSO NOT WITH DIFFERENT KINDS OF RESPECT.
The society of today still carries strong traces of a patriarchal world in which men ruled over women, in some places more then in others, this is not ok.
These traces are manifested by how we expect women and men to behave, how we want them to dress and what is okay for them to do and not to do due to their gender.
As being fans of mainstream pop culture we should always be able to see through what is presented to us and also cheer for those idols who break the patterns of these structures and do not fit with the genreral ideas of being female or male.
As an example: Idol girl groups should not be destined to wear hot pants, mini skirts and have to treat their male colleagues with more respect just because of gender.
This is something that we firmly belive in and will take a stand for through out our work.

best regards/ The Future is Idol

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