A grown man

October 20, 2011 § Leave a comment

Alexander Eusebio went to Malaysia with Brian Joo and 3rd Wave Music the other day. And suddenly he is back in the spotlight. I’m not that fond of the christian music project thing they are involved in, but looking back, it was probably the best thing that could happen to Alexander when getting kicked out of U-kiss.

It is a mature and serious version of Alexander that appears in front of us. The version who could be found even during his days with U-kiss but often disappeared under all the sillieness. Maybe he is also a bit cautious nowadays as he is burnt by experience. But it’s almost as if he wants to emphasize, quoting a line from old U-kiss track Not Young: “I’m a grown man”. And actually, I really hope that he will keep this image. Serious, fun and unique as almost no one else. Solo activities in Korea this winter, strange to imagine.

Parts of this vid is in english, so be patient. More to watch on YouTube.

/The Future is Idol

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