Forbidden Love

February 14, 2012 § 2 Comments

U-Kiss is an ever so dear subject for me even though I for a while thought I never would spazz over them again. But if you love a group you wont turn your back on them forever, even if they missed out on one of their best members and still don’t win any music programs. Japan might be good for them, since this is the second awsome release:

About the title: Fobidden Love, jesus christ this is the best title a kpop group could ever think of. Forbidden love, whos forbidden love? Kevins forbidden love? Fanfic it is…

About the track: Quite good, sounds a bit… japanese.

About the MV: lol at the boots in the bed at the beginning. Would never happen in a korean or swedish home.

/The Future is Idol – a happy U-Kiss fanboy.

Obsession – and an obvious sense of guilt.

September 26, 2011 § 1 Comment

To be honest, I kind of gave up on this album even before it was released weeks ago.

After the dark winter and spring concerning U-kiss and my absurd loyalty towards them, or rather towards the fired member Alexander, I have not exactly been keen on updating around their whereabouts. I kept following Alexander, and in some aspects Kibum who is in the same position, even though he was never a favourite of mine.

I also kept thinking about what it must have felt like for the guys to be kicked out in a very harsh way as they were. Marked as “not good enough” in public by their own company, and I decided to block the company of U-kiss, NH Media out of my world.

Not long ago, U-kiss released released their new single and album Neverland, album cover as seen above, and I was happy to discover that I did not care that much for the single “Neverland”. I listend once or twice and then forgot about it all. The video looked dull and that made me even more happy.

Of different reasons I then, a couple of days ago I took another listen.

I was looking for something new and something fun and also, a new kpop-related acquintance of mine really liked Neverland and some of the other tracks on the album. U-kiss was just the obvious choice.

As a matter of fact, Kevin has never ever been this good, never sounded or looked better as he does in Neverland. Soohyun and Kiseop have both improved greatly, and the new guys (at least AJ) are not bad. I really like Dongho, but he is not possible to compare to the others, he is a star even if he just stands there, and he does not really fit with the others. Eli… they clearly removed the wrong rapper.

But seriously, this is Kevins moment, and in some ways I can really only accept this album because of him. He deserves all the support and all the credit, he has been killing the members in both Xing and U-kiss for many years  with his incredible talent.

Neverland MV has both it’s qualities and it’s down sides. The dance is amazing (Kevin again, dancing better then exactly everyone, watch dance version at 2:23, centre stage. omfg.), a crazy ass dance that is probably impossible for most people to even imagine how to perform. The costumes look ok, and better then most U-kiss costumes ever have looked before, if you forgive the momentary relapse with the white ones.

The song itself starts of in a way that I can’t really get used to, but turns into a powerful energetic dance pop track that has got me kind of addicted. On the other hand, the set of this MV is no fun at all, quite ugly at parts and leaves you with the question: Why are they dancing in a freezer? (credits to Julyssa for the wording).

An important lesson when it comes to kpop (for me at least) is also that the third listen to a track could be the difference between hating and, obsession…

This song, number nine on the album is written by AJ & Kiseop and it is perfect, nothing special, just a perfect track that I listen to over and over again.

So with a sense of guilt towards Alexander, my original favourite in the group and the first ever signed member of U-kiss, I kind of have to accept U-kiss back in my life. Hell, I will even by the album since the cover looks amazing.

But let’s all cheer for Alexander and support his comeback! Omg, it could be such a total fail even though he is the best.

/The Future is Idol – “this is my obsession”

Alexander and Sweden(A-teens)

May 15, 2011 § 6 Comments


Today, Alexander tweeted about eating (no surprise there since he always talks about food). He said that he was in a sugar rush and then referred to a track by old swedish idol group A-teens:

alexander_0729: Had a sudden strong crave for sweet dessert… so I got those yummy cakes!♥ But now I’m having my ″Sugar Rush″~♪(A-Teens) (=

He meant this track:

He then continued:

alexander_0729: Oh! I so wanna share a song I LOVED since middle school~ It’s like the feeling between my fans (yes you!) & I~ Promise me not to shiver OK!?

alexander_0729: Close ur eyes, imagine it’s a story between you & I… ″Don’t Even Know Your Name″ (A★Teens) Wt’s ur name baby? *shiver*

alexander_0729: Yup! I listen to 90’s songs n I was a fan of A*Teens~ 😛 Come on… I’m 88!!! (=v=;)

I was never a fan of A-teens, perhaps a bit to old when they became popular, Alexander is six years younger then me and was probably in the perfect age group for A-teens back in the days. And also, back then, I never listened to this kind of music, it was way to lame for me. But as I come from Sweden, just as A-teens, I find it really funny that Alexander Eusebio, somewhere on the other side of the world was listening to music from Sweden as he grew up, and that now, people from Sweden listens to him. I like this, not so uniqe, but funny perspective.

Alexander said in his tweet that he was listening to 90s music, and perhaps “Don’t even know your name” was realesed in the 90s, but “Sugar Rush” is from 2001. But I understand why he says 90s music, it is something far away in your brain burried with memories of growing up and you think it sounds a bit old when you here it and see it again. So you feel it should be from the 90s, even if it is not. I get that feeling a lot. Not all the MVs and tracks grow old with dignity.

/The Future is Idol

Gifts of (K-pop)love

April 27, 2011 § 1 Comment

When I got home late last night I found a thick brown envelope inside my door. It had my full name on it(all four of names) so I understood that it was probably from someone who knows me quite well, but I really had no clue who it could have been from as standing there in my dark hallway. I rushed inside to open it, and actually I still, almost 24 hours later start to smile when i think of what was inside. The envelope, which also hade some words in hangul stamped on, it contained one pink heart shaped balloon with Girls Genereation printed on it, one notepad with pictures of U-Kiss (the correct set of members!), one mobile phone jewelry with SHINee KEY written on it and a blue E.L.F. Super Junior bracelet.

It was a present from my friends who moved to Seoul not long ago, and sending me this gift was exactly what I needed at the moment. I’ve walked around in a cloud of happiness all day long. Thank you!

/The Future is Idol

Yoona is so pretty

March 23, 2011 § 3 Comments

SNSD is a group with nine gorgeous women, they can dance, and some of them can even sing. Most of all they are icons, powerful celebrities and have given Kpop a true face over the world this last year. But when it comes to chosing the one you really like, there is only one for me. Her name is Yoona, and she is a reason to forgive SNSD over and over for being displayed like true storeotypes of what women should be. Yoona is not just extremly pretty. Not at all, few idol girl group members have given me so much to laugh over as she has. Her personality makes me believe that these women might be humans after all. And actually, to watch them all in varietys, Hello Baby etc. is a very good way to make them grow on you. I have one particular set of clips that I watch over and over again and never get tired of. In this clip Yoona imitates female comedian Ahn Youngmi in different shows. The thing is, she does it so well that every one around is amazed, I am to. This is also probably one of my most complicated posts so far, because to enjoy the clips you should be familiar with both SNSD and south korean comedians. Other then that you should also be able to accept the gag concert humor, or at least be used to it. Because Youngmi and Yoona were on the same stage, but other then Yoonas imitation I really don’t appriciate this kind of gag humor. Hint, Yonna is the only one allowed to be pretty on stage, the scene starts at 01:08. *FAIL* Anyway, I include a clip with Ahn Youngmi from Shin PD, she was the only woman in one of the funniest varietys evere aired. WATCH THE ENTIRE SERIES!

Welcome to the world of gag/The Future is Idol

Bran New Kiss

March 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

Kevin Woo tweeted earlier today about the upcoming mini album from U-Kiss, released on March 30th, named “Bran New KISS”. He seems happy, or acts happy at least. Did they tell him to do so or is he just fooling himself? Who can be happy over U-Kiss at this moment? I’m not, my friends are not. When groups break up, or a member leaves of some bothersome reason, it’s really hard to get back to were you once stood in your fandom. I don’t even want to think about how it really must feel for Kevin and the others at this moment. I guess it’s good that everyone keep themselves busy. I remember how hurtful it was when DBSK broke up, or how sad I still feel when Super Junior talks about Hangeng. The feelings you build up towards your idols are hard to explain, but they are for real, even if it sounds unreal. You get hurt when something you love is ruined. I don’t react as hard as I would if someone in my family got hurt, but the reaction is there all the same. It feels like ages ago when Jaebeom had to leave 2PM, everyone knew the original reason, but as the weeks passed by, he didn’t return, and said only that he couldn’t return due to other terrible things that had happend. The fans desperatly wanted to know what, but neither company or Jaebeom would tell. I remeber how fascinated I was over how the fans reacted, the pain and agony. And the most interesting thing in that case was not how sad everyone was over Jaebeom leaving, but the fact that no one could tell the true reasons behind all of it. Of course Kevin has to be happy over U-Kiss new mini album, it’s his life and his job. But it hurts me, and lots of others as well. Because we ,strangely as it is, want to see him sad, missing Kibum and Alexander. I just know for a fact that I won’t buy “Bran New KISS”.

I hope that Alexanders eye surgery went/goes well.

/The Future is Idol

Baek Ji Young-입술을 주고

March 19, 2011 § 1 Comment

I’m about to head out to my gym on this beautiful Saturday morning(see pic), but I want to share one of my all time favourite songs while waiting for my training gear to dry in the laundry room.

Baek Ji young is really most of all a queen of ballads and a great vocal talent. For many people though, maybe just recognized due to her collaboration with Taec of 2PM. Check out her endless list of songs on You Tube. This not so ballad like song I found just randomly long ago, really really good, from her brilliant 7th album.

have a nice weekend!/The Future is Idol

Alexander, fears, hope.

March 17, 2011 § 5 Comments

On my long subway ride home from work earlier today, I tried to sort out my thoughts concerning all kinds of things. It seems there is no time for anything these days. I’m burried in work, and other things that I really need to do take up the remaining time, I also know that i choose it all myself. Does this mean I’m doing something wrong? I can’t even remember when I last met some of my friends, and to get home from work and just sit down and relax seems almost impossible, am I’m the only one with problems like this? I don’t think so, but that really does not help. This last week was completly turned up side down by the earthquake and disaster in Japan, focus on everything else was lost on friday evening, just glad that I managed to transcribe my notes from the meeting with my professor earlier that day, before I was completly overwhelmed by all the news reports. Never in my life have I been so affected by a human disaster. Sweden and Japan does resemble each other in many ways, maybe it all got a bit to close.

I want to be able to hide in my Kpop passion from everything, but that does not seem to work at all for now. I don’t want to watch anything silly and completly forgot to check fuckyeah onkey! and other similar sites these past days. Yesterday I was furious over the Kpop MVs released, of many different reasons, fed up by cuteness was one reason and I still believe in every word I wrote.

I tried to not think to much about Alexander (Eusebio that is), I’ve given him so much thought already. But I’m following him on twitter and so I can’t help but to be remembered. Apparently, he is about to team up with christian music project 3rdWaveMusic, for their up coming album. He really fits in that context, and he probably gets a chance to perform a bit and hang out with really nice people. But what lies beyond that? Alexander Eusebio, I want you to perform on stage, to participate in some kind of reality and to take really cool pics to show just how wrong it was to fire you. My dream is for you to be on WGM, but is that likely to happen? I also need you to keep being who you are, because you are one of the best, positive and well mannered. But I dont want you to get stuck, lets say, with a boring VJ job or with a christian radio show. I invented these scenarios myself, but they don’t seem that unlikely to happen. No Alexander, I need you to take revenge as an idol.

I also follow Kevin on twitter, and I’m fairly upset that he at this moment does not tweet to Alexander like he used to. Even though I perfectly well understand why he doesn’t. I want it to be as it was a month ago, on the other hand I don’t really… Spring is moving closer every day, the roads through the park outside my house are almost clear of snow, and in the middle of the day the sun shines so bright, heating everything, that I have to open the windows in my class room, and it doesn’t get dark until after I get home. I’ve started of a new study period at Uni and oH!aH! was released. Some things do get better. I send you off with one of the most perfect U-Kiss songs ever made.

best regards/The Future is Idol

Signs of life

March 12, 2011 § Leave a comment

alexander_0729: WHO said I won’t TWEET anymore!? I’m BACK!! *ROAR!* LOL~ Thank y’all for the comfort & nice words… hv been reading my mentions… =v=)b

So happy/The Future is Idol

Just the commercial breaks, thank you! pt. 2

March 9, 2011 § 3 Comments

As Iv’e said earlier, the Kpop Commercial MVs, the ones for selling a mobile phone or such, are one of my favourite things within the Kpop scene. It feels a bit like entering a commercial future, since the CFs are so incredibly catchy and have esthetics to die for. In my first ever blog post i presented Amoled, and last week it was time for Lollipop. Now, it’s a new week and my third favourite CF MV with the coolest (girl?) group of them all, 2NE1. The tune is extremly catchy and called Don’t Stop the Music, for a Yamaha Fiore scooter. An MV soo good in many ways, except from the fact that I don’t like the parts when the girls are riding the bikes. I particulary like the Lego set though, with it’s brilliant choice patterns and colors. The members of the group look really hot and I want to marry all of them, I don’t want to buy the bike though.

/The Future is Idol

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