WTF. NH Media, is this it?

March 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

The mini album Bran New KISS from U-Kiss was released today, and when I finaly got home I actually sat down to listen to it, with a bit of pain in my heart. If you ever visited this blog before you know how hard it’s been for me to accept the way NH Media handled their idols over this last month. The company NH Media said that they wanted to make changes in U-Kiss and fired Alexander and Kibum. Also, Alexander just happend to be one of the reasons for me to like U-Kiss aso it hurt even more because of this but I felt that NH Media treated the two members and the rest of the group in a really bad way. To say out open that idols lack in skills, is not the most clever thing you could do to keep your fans supporting. And it’s agianst every aspect of politeness.

Anyway, the new mini album is here, two new members joined. And the result… IT SOUNDS EXACTLY like it did a couple of months ago with the old settings of members, but with out a hit song. So the big change is? Seriously, i was a bit afraid since I actually thought for a while that they would be back with something incredible, but this is not incredible, this is U-Kiss ordinaire. And the member change was to do what?

Hah, with me being this upset it wouldn’t surprise me if they for the first time would actually win something…

Disappointed but happy/The Future is Idol

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