U-Kiss, agony and trusting yourself

April 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

Today and yesterday, I have been in agony over 0330, the new single and MV from U-Kiss. Close friends of mine told me on Thursday evening that they really liked this song, and maybe they had a bit of a hard time telling me that they did so. This since I’ve been so upset by NH Media dropping Alexander and Kibum. And actually, I felt a little bit hurt when I heard this, that they liked it so much, a feeling that wanished quickly though. You and your friends can not have every thing in common. But I was left with fear, fear of maybe being wrong. Maybe I disliked the new single just because of the member change and nothing else?

So yesterday after work, I listened to 0330 over and over again, to see if there was something I missed out on when I first heard the song and first saw the video.

The MV looks great, the guys are all dressed better then ever, the production seems really expensive, but still, I don’t like it. As I said earlier, it wouldn’t surprise me if U-Kiss actually won something for the first time with this new single, but that doesn’t matter, I still don’t get the song.

Now you might think, ok, maybe he is not the ballad kind of guy, he probably only likes the electro pop songs of the Kpop scene? But this is not true, I have a really soft spot for great and smooth ballads, wether it’s DBSK, Hwangbo, Super Junior or SHINee etc. It might not be my favourite genre and I never understood SM the Ballad, but no one else did that either. So no, it is not because of the song due to it being a ballad and it is not because of the MV looking bad, since it isn’t.

I just don’t get this song, and do not like it.

Of what reason, I don’t know, probably it is all of this mixed in a bowl. But as I’ve also written earlier, one problem is the fact that I really in the first place is a fan of Alexander Eusebio and him being a part of an idol group and not of U-Kiss. And every time U-Kiss released something new, it was never the single I liked the most but rather some other track on the album.

Maybe there will be a day when I look back and read this with a changed mind, but at the moment I have to trust myself and see that Bran New KISS is not the mini album for me and not for Alexander. But that is ok really, even though a bit sad.

Below, two examples of ballads that I really like:


Ballads all over the place.

/The Future is Idol

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  • […] I’ve spent so much time thinking about Alexander, U-Kiss and the idol industy this spring, ans I’m as confused as ever before. What do I really think, and how does it make me react? When he tweeted with Dongho the first time after quitting U-Kiss my heart almost fell apart, it was so sad. I don’t know if he keeps in contact with the other members of U-Kiss, except Kibum that is, but he seems to have a nice and supportive family. Waiting to see him on stage soon through 3RD Wave, and then hopefully, after that, on his own or in a new group since I really do believe that he is the kind of person who makes a nice idol. […]

  • […] U-Kiss is an ever so dear subject for me even though I for a while thought I never would spazz over them again. But if you love a group you wont turn your back on them forever, even if they missed out on one of their best members and still don’t win any music programs. Japan might be good for them, since this is the second awsome release: […]

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