Heartbroken by fans

March 26, 2011 § 7 Comments

U-Kiss. Of course this post is going to be about U-Kiss. Nothing else in this Kpop world fit in my head at the moment since U-Kiss is back, marching on like there is no tomorow. 5th mini album Bran New KISS coming closer with pictures, teasers, bright colors, interviews AND TWO NEW MEMBERS. MV and full release any moment. How do they bare?

I mean, every group that goes through a separation has to come back sooner or later, but preferably, they do it later.

The new U-Kiss teaser was released on Thursday, I still haven’t seen it, I dont want to. And when the album photo, along with the list of songs included on the mini album was released, one of the most difficult things for me was to read the comments posted by fans. I do not understand, how can the fans seem to forget so fast? Most of the comments seen online are cheers for the group, supporting and loving words for new and old members, as if this was the only way to deal with the break up. Do the members not mean anything? Is it all just about the idea of a group, no matters who is carrying it?

When even the members of U-Kiss talk about the difficult time they went through lately, making it sound like they really don’t know how to deal with the situation, then, this is not the proper way for the fans to deal with either. Not for me, certainly not now.

I’m not in any way trying to say I am more loyal then others, but perhaps to my feelings. On the other hand, am I a fan of U-Kiss? Maybe this is my biggest problem in this issue, not really being a fan of U-Kiss, but rather some of the members…

Not more then a month passed since Alexander and Kibum was forced to leave the group, breaking hearts of fangirls and fanboys all over the world. NH Media expect fans to just go along, keep loving and supporting the group once loved. I can’t do this, I’m in no way feeling supportive at the moment. Anger, fear and sadness is what feels inside concerning U-Kiss, since U-Kiss is not U-Kiss with out Alexander and Kibum. Without Alexander…

I’m facing this comeback, not with numbness, but with a feeling of not being a part of it all.

L/The Future is Idol

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§ 7 Responses to Heartbroken by fans

  • Ipodman says:

    It’s sad when members leave a group… but it happens sooner or later. I guess the only thing that is constant is change…

  • mis says:

    Been thinking a lot about fandom recently. Started watching “You’re Beautiful”, and since I have a habit of fast-forwarding whenever facepalmity occurs, I’m already at episode 13. Lol. Anyways, that episode does some very nice reflecting on being a fan and having fans – being an idol as making a living out of people loving you, but at the same time knowing that they might just as well stop loving you and leave the fanclub at a whim.
    If nobody else had talked about how hard it’s been, wouldn’t it have been easier to accept the silence of the fans as well? As, I don’t know, taking part in this sort of agreement on not talking about gloomy stuff that the industry has. But this is just weird.

  • mis says:

    lol @ my trying to put things together atm. i think i might still be drunk from yesterdays cocktail party. i had a bottle of wine and got a whole bunch of dykes born in the 1990’s to roll on the floor spazzing over misster ಠ⌣ಠ

  • Ipodman: I agree with you on that one, and in a bigger perspective I’m a fan of changes, it’s just how they are presented to us. NH Media sucks at this.

    Mis: 1. If the members would have kept shut about their feeling, it proboably would feel a bit less, or not… 2. Hah, make em roll! Those kids.

  • jhoei says:

    me too! im not that excited with their comeback! if they (NH Media) have only given a chance to Xander and Kibum, maybe, all fans would be excited as ever!

  • […] what reason, I don’t know, probably it is all of this mixed in a bowl. But as I’ve also written earlier, one problem is the fact that I really in the first place is a fan of Alexander Eusebio and him […]

  • lexifranc0 says:


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