Alexander and Sweden(A-teens)

May 15, 2011 § 6 Comments


Today, Alexander tweeted about eating (no surprise there since he always talks about food). He said that he was in a sugar rush and then referred to a track by old swedish idol group A-teens:

alexander_0729: Had a sudden strong crave for sweet dessert… so I got those yummy cakes!♥ But now I’m having my ″Sugar Rush″~♪(A-Teens) (=

He meant this track:

He then continued:

alexander_0729: Oh! I so wanna share a song I LOVED since middle school~ It’s like the feeling between my fans (yes you!) & I~ Promise me not to shiver OK!?

alexander_0729: Close ur eyes, imagine it’s a story between you & I… ″Don’t Even Know Your Name″ (A★Teens) Wt’s ur name baby? *shiver*

alexander_0729: Yup! I listen to 90’s songs n I was a fan of A*Teens~ 😛 Come on… I’m 88!!! (=v=;)

I was never a fan of A-teens, perhaps a bit to old when they became popular, Alexander is six years younger then me and was probably in the perfect age group for A-teens back in the days. And also, back then, I never listened to this kind of music, it was way to lame for me. But as I come from Sweden, just as A-teens, I find it really funny that Alexander Eusebio, somewhere on the other side of the world was listening to music from Sweden as he grew up, and that now, people from Sweden listens to him. I like this, not so uniqe, but funny perspective.

Alexander said in his tweet that he was listening to 90s music, and perhaps “Don’t even know your name” was realesed in the 90s, but “Sugar Rush” is from 2001. But I understand why he says 90s music, it is something far away in your brain burried with memories of growing up and you think it sounds a bit old when you here it and see it again. So you feel it should be from the 90s, even if it is not. I get that feeling a lot. Not all the MVs and tracks grow old with dignity.

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