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September 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’m obscenly tired and feel a bit sick at the moment(yes I have myself to blame and Mis is also hungover btw), but at last nights party I did my best celebrating the birthday of the only idol truly in my heart.

Happy birthday Kim Kibum!

this love… du är så jävla bra

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Why So Serious?

September 16, 2012 § 2 Comments

I’m in the process of writing a longer post about G-dragon due to the release of his new mini-album and my ever-shifting feelings of love, anger and awkwardness towards this idol. But then, the video for CRAYON dropped and I was just hypnotized. So, the longer post may wait a little bit, while we all watch the MV over again:

The Future is Idol/ L

jävlar alltså

Jag ger mig – Lipstick, all over my face

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When Orange Caramel made their debut back in 2010 with Magic Girl I was a big sceptic. I saw the influences from the Japanese kawaii (cute) world, something I have never been a fan of and didn’t want to connect with the K-pop scene at all. The music just felt weird and I was hoping for a one time project. On the other hand I was madly in love with After School (omg you have to press this link), the group that sub unit Orange Caramel descended from and therefor could never just not care about this new project.

Something happend though, bcuz in the spring of 2011 they released Bangkok City and I fell for it like a fool. By taking small steps away from the cuteness and the cartoon-feeling, Orange Caramel ventured into sexy and fun, which for me was something positive.

Yes I know exactly how problematic this may sound and believe me, I’m still not clear over what my feelings really concerning this really are. But the thing is, as they started releasing tracks that did not just only sound like something out of a cartoon, combined with a sexier but still kind of silly image, it really felt like they knew what they were doing. Making fun of everything, but with serious intentions. I don’t know if this is actually the case, but that’s how it felt and still feels. Also, by reading about how the members felt awkward over the first concepts and the groups name when initially being put together, it felt like they were in the same strange position over this as myself, and I saw that as a good sign.

The following releases, Shanghai Romance and Funny Hunny were of the same caliber as Bangkok City and these three tracks have a high rakning in my Itunes library to this day.

The latest track, Lipstick arrived this week and I had my doubts(my co-writer did not). I really liked the teaser and the photos but after the first listen I was not that impressed. After a couple of days of listening though, and watching(ever so important), my heart is melting. It is not my favourite track so far, but atleast it’s moving in that direction. Maybe it’s them making fun of me.

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Our articles about K-pop

September 7, 2012 § Leave a comment

Got the May issue of Yoboseyo, the magazine of the (South)Korean society in Sweden, in my mail box the other day!

We had an article about the modern K-drama, it’s structure, different genres and influence on society published in that issue. Dancing On Our Own published one at the same time, about K-pop as a music genre. It was kind of strange to see our own words printed like that, our thoughts and knowledge somewhere else then at the blog, but a lot of fun!

The articles are in Swedish and not available online at the moment but we might upload another version, and in english, of ours at some point soon.



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Listen to our friends on the radio!

September 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

Tonight there was a K-pop special at Swedish national radio. Our friends at Dancing On Our Own were the experts. They really did a great job and I’m so happy and proud to hear them and many of my favourite K-pop tracks on Swedish radio.

Press here to listen.

LOVE from

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While watching

September 2, 2012 § 2 Comments

I just got back to Stockholm after the weekend at my parents up north. I discovered that my improved playlist “the best of Super Junior” lasts more then the train ride (two and a half hours) and that while picking mushrooms out in the wilderness I randomly think a lot about Key and also, surprise surprise about Hoya…

Now I’m back home, Sunday evening, the kitchen table filled with mushrooms (picture) to clean. While doing so I’m going to watch another episode of Reply 1997. ♥

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Key, Dazzling Girl

August 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

This awesome man. ♥ SHINee Japanese comeback Dazzling Girl on October 10th.

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1997, I’m not over you

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Along with the recently watched and amazing episodes of Answer Me, 1997, I’m momentarily drowned in nostalgia over my own years in high school, which just happens to be almost the exact same ones as for the characters in the drama, I’m just a little bit younger. I remember most of all the feelings. Falling in love, the first real girlfriend, disappointments and also, kissing a guy for the first time…

But even though I was good at falling in love, I kind of sucked at being in relationships and most of them ended abruptly and not so nice. Thinking back at them now many of them still hurt a little bit and perhaps, just perhaps, I’m not quite over the relationships of those years yet. Even if I now almost forgot the people who were the objects of interest.

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I forgot!

August 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hey, I was so busy with my big birthday and being drunk that week early in July that I forgot to make it clear that I love this MV, nipples, colours, Kangin and all.


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Sexy, Free & Single

June 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

Just listen and be as happy as now appropriate =D

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