Kim Heechul, my hero (alt. title: Kim Heechul and Hero)

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When I came home last night, I had decided to refrain from turning on my computer and just check my phone before going to bed. However, when I did so, I found that Elin over at Dancing on Our Own had sent a link to this tumblr post, asking Lars and me if we knew anything more about the photo.

Yes. That is Kim Heechul of Super Junior, a band under SM Entertainment, and Kim “Hero” Jaejoong of JYJ, currently in conflict with said company.

Naturally, I had to turn on the computer to go online and do some investigation work, and before long, I found this post saying it’s real and recent, taken sometime during the last year. I almost started crying.

I was already beyond thrilled when Heechul and Jaejoong started following each other on Twitter in April, and I wondered a lot about what was going on, why they could do this, how it had happened. I imagined them bumping into each other at some bar, slightly drunk, and just laughing at it all and deciding to follow each other on Twitter, starting right there on the spot. I have no idea if this is actually what happened, but what is Fandom if not daydreams and fantasies? In any case it reminded me of why Heechul is my original (though not at the moment most prominent) bias: The prettiness might have drawn me in, but what made me stay was his originality and courage beyond words, the personality that always keeps me guessing. Yes, the courage. How he continued to support Hangeng even after he left SME, and now appearently Jaejoong, even though Heechul himself has stayed in the company and even renewed his contract not that long ago. (And considering the well-known close friendship between Heechul and Yunho of DBSK, I can’t even begin to think about how this may affect all the YunJae shippers out there…)

I think what these kinds of acts and pictures do to me is that they give me hope that the idols actually are more than what they are made into, and that they can to a certain extent escape the hands of their companies. And if someone is to go against his company, it’s Kim Heechul.

I wonder if I’ll ever get wtf is going on in the Idol World. I don’t think so. But maybe some day it will become at least a little clearer to us at least what happened just now. Until then: Heechul and Jaejoong, stay strong!


XIA Junsu – Tarantallegra

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It’s so awesome, in so many ways. I just wish I could expect my non-k-pop friends to understand why.


PS: I promise I’ll write more once I’ve handed in my bachelor thesis.

JYJ – voices of sorrow. Get Out release.

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When you long for a comeback very much you can’t really focus on anything else, as the case was with Super Junior a month ago. The horror is, when the comeback is released, to find your favourite idols doing something you don’t really approve of. That’s a big part of the comeback circus.

This last month have been lost in so many feelings connected to my favourite artists that I have had a hard time focusing on what is up and coming when it comes to releases. And even though I know somewhere inside that JYJs album release 15th of September is just a week away, it was as if I had completely forgot about it for the moment.

So, I just got home from the gym discovering to my surpirse, a pre release of JYJs track Get Out from their up coming album In Heaven. I can’t say that this track rocks my world from the first listening, but on the other hand not at all bad. A comeback to approve of I would say. Also, the memories these three very special voices brings out in me… It’s almost to much.

After all that happend with DBSK, I can’t hear Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong without thinking about some kind of pain. DBSK always gave and still gives me a feeling of melancholy, JYJ gives me a feeling of sorrow, but some kind of beautiful version of it.

I could stop listening and shut them out from my life.

But as I just said to Mis, after Heechul leaving us for the army I desperately look for the best within the industry. And another thing I’m looking for are the idols that sometimes break the patterns of the industry, that tries to do something that makes THEM feel better, not just their company. Just like JYJ.  Mis asked me if it is some kind of longing for authenticity on my part. And even though I really don’t like the idea of it being true, maybe that is just exactly what it is….

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