Kpop is Lonely in Sweden and elsewhere

May 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

So, this is not at all news created by me, but worth rewriting if the facts are true. 2NE1s Lonely proved to be a huge hit, and it is showing on YouTube. Daily Kpop News wrote in an artichle that Lonely was the most watched MV on YouTube all over the world. I wonder how they are counting, but taking a look at the stats belov the official version on YouTube tells us that the MV is watched in about the same amount all over the world, in Sweden as well. Apparently even here it was the most watched MV for the day. How is it possible? The darker green on the map proves that this MV is popular in every part of the world if not in every country, and that is really really cool. I sure as hell watched it a couple of times over these last days. Kpop uniting?

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