Tonight we ruled the dancefloor

December 4, 2011 § 1 Comment

This evening of Saturday the  3rd of December, we ruled the dancefloor at a party in a suburb of Stockholm with this song:

We also ruled the dancefloor with “My First Kiss” by Kesha. All credits to Key for that one.

/The Future is Idol – the best of evenings.

Warm up for Mr Simple MV release

August 1, 2011 § 4 Comments

So, I was planning to write this yesterday but lost myself in an out door museum here in Stockholm, pizza and fanfic reading with Elin. Waiting for the new MV by Super Junior i spent a lot of time with watching old MV teasers, mostly from SME groups like DBSK, SHINee, SNSD and of course Super Junior.

The teaser MVs are an entire genre on it’s own, some of them are absolutely fantastic, some of them not so much, but mostly incredibly gorgeous. DBSKs Mirotic had a series of teasers that were just clips of the MV itself and made the MV no surprise when it was released. On the other hand that is the best MV and the best song ever created.

The teasers has been a bit of a problem for me these past two years, since they are supposed to give you a hint of the new concept and the new single but sometimes just confuse you even more. I guess this is what they are supposed to do but still a pain. When SNSD were to release Run Devil Run they had the most gorgeous teaser ever, I was so excited and even though the song and MV turned out to be quite ok(but so lame really in comparison), it was a big disappointment after the incredible teaser. I’m still not really over it. The MV can sometimes lift a track you did not like from the beginning, this is the case with Hurricane Venus by Boa, NU Abo by f(x) and also I am The Best by 2NE1. Run Devil Run MV did not manage to do this.

The teaser of Run Devil Run and SHINees Lucifer teaser are probably my favourite ones all time, so incredibly beautifully produced and promising so much, as they very well should.

In the end I seem to prefer the teasers that don’t tell that much about the single itself even though it is frustrating when you have no clue at all what to expect. What will the Mr Simple MV look like?

I think the Mr Simple track itself is just as cool and Crazy Super Juniorlike as it should be, but with out the MV it is really hard to get the full picture of this comeback. Below are SuJus super clean teasers from the last couple of years:

Teaser No.1. Sorry Sorry 2009:

Resulting in this

Teaser No.2. Bonamana 2010:

Resulting in this

Teaser No.3. Mr Simple 2011:

Teaser No.4. Mr Simple 2011:

Resulting in?

And finally, which teaser do you think is the better?

/The Future is Idol

Kpop is Lonely in Sweden and elsewhere

May 15, 2011 § Leave a comment

So, this is not at all news created by me, but worth rewriting if the facts are true. 2NE1s Lonely proved to be a huge hit, and it is showing on YouTube. Daily Kpop News wrote in an artichle that Lonely was the most watched MV on YouTube all over the world. I wonder how they are counting, but taking a look at the stats belov the official version on YouTube tells us that the MV is watched in about the same amount all over the world, in Sweden as well. Apparently even here it was the most watched MV for the day. How is it possible? The darker green on the map proves that this MV is popular in every part of the world if not in every country, and that is really really cool. I sure as hell watched it a couple of times over these last days. Kpop uniting?

The Future is Idol

Epic Fanboy Moments pt. 2

April 3, 2011 § Leave a comment

The fanboy term is commonly used to describe a guy that have a very special “nerdy” hobby. Mostly something involving computers, technology or comics. The term fangirl on the other hand describes young females that have an emotional aspect of their hobby, involving specific idols and characters from dramas or comics. This sectioning of terms is not ok. To say that a female has to be emotional in her interest and a male rational and technical is bullshit. Of course there are both male and female fans of both sorts. There are hundreds of thousands of fanboys out there that love and obsess over female and male idols. To say anything else is ridiculous. To promote an future equality concerning these terms, this blog have a new segment for Epic Fanboy Moments. Check them out! If you have any suggestions to this, vids or pics, please write to us!

The Fanboy Moment for today is from G20 UNISON FESTIVAL 8th of March this year. 2NE1 performing, with fanboys chanting.

/The Future is Idol

The Future Idol

March 10, 2011 § 3 Comments

This blog got the name The Future is Idol in competition with some other really good options. The decision was finally made after trying to pin point our stand and what feelings we want to share with others. As earlier said, we believe that the Kpop scene is of significant matter and influence for the entertainment industry of the future world, with it’s idol groups, hit songs and esthetics. We love pop culture and want it to be taken seriously, not as noticed among people we now, to be treated as trash. But for the Kpop scene to remain influential and to be able to grow, new groups have to enter the market. These last couple of years, idol groups have been pouring into the screen, but not all of them manages to get our attention. Some of them, like Miss A, really does on the other hand. Infinite, a seven member boyband that debuted in 2010, with some help from Epik High just teased us the other day with their upcoming comeback.

Back when they debuted, I was not the biggest fan, there are to many large scale boybands around for them to be noticed by me, the debute was really ok, but not that interesting. And also, for me they looked a bit to young in the beginning, something it takes time to get used to. The new teaser on the other hand. It’s got a nice, expensive looking set, weird cuts in some kind of sad story, the members are really well-dressed and there is a hint of fan-service. The song? Haven’t got a clue, I stopped judging songs from teasers ever since, let’s say Run Devil Run, good, but a gigantic disappointment compared to the teaser. Anyway, hoping for a brilliant MV from the future idols of Infinite. Let’s hope they have a song to match it as well.

Just the commercial breaks, thank you! pt. 2

March 9, 2011 § 3 Comments

As Iv’e said earlier, the Kpop Commercial MVs, the ones for selling a mobile phone or such, are one of my favourite things within the Kpop scene. It feels a bit like entering a commercial future, since the CFs are so incredibly catchy and have esthetics to die for. In my first ever blog post i presented Amoled, and last week it was time for Lollipop. Now, it’s a new week and my third favourite CF MV with the coolest (girl?) group of them all, 2NE1. The tune is extremly catchy and called Don’t Stop the Music, for a Yamaha Fiore scooter. An MV soo good in many ways, except from the fact that I don’t like the parts when the girls are riding the bikes. I particulary like the Lego set though, with it’s brilliant choice patterns and colors. The members of the group look really hot and I want to marry all of them, I don’t want to buy the bike though.

/The Future is Idol

Kpop, Feminism and bringing it on.

February 27, 2011 § 1 Comment

Since I only just started this blog a couple of days ago, there is still much to do and update regarding the content. Following is the first, and a text that also is included as a description page to the left.
This is important, so read carefully.
Here at The Future is Idol we belive that women and men should be treated with the same amount of respect everywhere and all the time. AND ALSO NOT WITH DIFFERENT KINDS OF RESPECT.
The society of today still carries strong traces of a patriarchal world in which men ruled over women, in some places more then in others, this is not ok.
These traces are manifested by how we expect women and men to behave, how we want them dress and what is okay for them to do and not to do due to their gender.
As being fans of mainstream pop culture we should always be able to see through what is presented to us and also cheer for those idols who break the patterns of these structures and do not fit with the genreral ideas of being female or male.
As an example: Idol girl groups should not be destined to wear hot pants, mini skirts and have to treat their male colleagues with more respect just because of gender.
This is something that we firmly belive in and will take a stand for through out our work.
MV with cool women to accompany this text, we need more of them:

best regards/ The Future is Idol

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