End of the year, K-pop 2012. Key of The Year

January 4, 2013 § 2 Comments

There is no idol that catches my attention like this man does, Key. Even when there is not room in my head for updates about him I still think about him, appriciative and concerned. I do not love everything he does and most of the time I’m actually a bit scared for what might come next. It’s like a love with little trust. I know he is a great singer and dancer but those are just the basics. But, many of the things that he does are awesome and I probably like him because he is so far from perfect in many situations. He is awkward and sometimes not so nice in a way that reminds me a bit of myself. On the other hand he is the most beautiful human being on the planet and his sense of fashion is always interesting and most of the time amazing.

keyboardI have some favourite moments from 2012 with Key, the picture above for instance from his and Minhos Cosmopolitan photo shoot in April 2012. In general, 2012 was a great year when it comes to photos of Key. His solo photo shoot for Dazed & Confused is  my third place of the top three Key moments from 2012:

Exo, another SME-idol group made their debut in 2012 and Key was, as done before, used as a rapper on the track Two Moons. Key is not the most brilliant rapper in the world, but he is certainly not the worst either. He knows enough english and have a really good voice. I wonder who wrote his rap part though, the lyrics are a big LOL. This is my second favourite of Key moments from 2012, Keys part starts at 2:08:

The Key moment of the year placing first is the epic solo performance by Key at the Japanese concert tour from 2012. He has been performing a lot of great and funny tracks before as his solos, like Tik Tok by Kesha and Take a Bow by Rihanna. This time he took two tracks from the pop star he probably adore and love more then anyone else, Lady Gaga:

This performance is such a milestone. It created a happy roar through out the world of fangirls and fanboys. Like if all the pieces were finally put together correctly. Lady Gagas constant talk about everyones right to be allowed to be who ever they choose and the lyrics talk about freedom and rather queer attitude brings Key out to his very best as a peformer, idol and concept. I would prefer his versions to the original any time.

But what is he singing: wear an ear condom next time, or: wear your condom next time?

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End of the year, K-pop 2012.Top three Search Engine Terms

December 31, 2012 § 1 Comment

The Top Three among search engine terms to find our blog has been interesting indeed. Summarizing 2012, and all top three being favourite topics of mine. As follows:

1. Super Junior


2. Seo In Guk plastic surgery

Seo in guk more after

3. SHINee Key gay


We might post the complete search engine term list later on, with comments.

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Key Key Key Key Key Key Key Key Key

September 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’m obscenly tired and feel a bit sick at the moment(yes I have myself to blame and Mis is also hungover btw), but at last nights party I did my best celebrating the birthday of the only idol truly in my heart.

Happy birthday Kim Kibum!

this love… du är så jävla bra

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Key, Dazzling Girl

August 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

This awesome man. ♥ SHINee Japanese comeback Dazzling Girl on October 10th.

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Key and alcohol every day

May 22, 2012 § 4 Comments

Every day as I open the door to the pantry at home, this is what first meet my eyes. A bottle of swedish vodka with a picture of Key glued to it. One of the best presents so far this year. Just sayin.


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The Recurring Key

March 11, 2012 § 2 Comments

Last night we were at a party and kind of drunk when the Sherlock teaser of Key suddenly had been released.

Maybe it was because of the wine, or maybe the late night, but I almost started to cry. Why? I don’t have a clue. When it comes to Key this is nothing rare. But I was in many ways a very happy person. The photos are amazing and I am relieved.

Obviously I’ve been following the first and half naked photo teasers of Minho, Taemin and Onew from up and coming SHINee comeback with an enormous ammount of interest. But since Key is the one member I really have an interest in, this day is what I’ve been waiting for. Scared as hell for what his photos would look like.

Ever since the album name Sherlock leaked I’ve been making connections between this comeback and the contemporary BBC tv-series Sherlock. This since I just watched some episodes of the series, with more then one hint of lgbt and by far the best adaption of Sherlock Holmes I’ve seen. The connections kept growing stronger as Jonghyun posted a picture of Benedict Cumberbatch(Sherlock himself) on twitter, and the Onew teaser pictures had a scent of the series in haircut and colors. The anticipation of the SHINee comeback just kept growing stronger on me, and everyone else around. Key and Sherlock, the greater things in life.

There is of course a million things to say about these half naked photos and sexualization of idol industri men and women, about their bodies and the concept of them. And by being a fan, I do in some aspects take part in these circumstanses, I can’t swear myself free. I will on the other hand keep myself from trying to say everything at this moment.

No one should read this though thinking that I just accept and consume everything. When Taemin is put half naked in an armchair with his boyish physiognomy and puts pieces of fruit into his mouth there is no part of me that finds it attractive, wether he looks like he might want to kill someone or to sleep with them, but it’s there and can’t be ignored. The pictures and the concept are also kind of brilliant, but that’s another part of the story.

Ages ago, back when Lucifer was released, some of the biggest fuzz was concerning the muscular bodies of Jonghyun and Minho. They had become “men” as they had gained the perfect chocolate abs and connected masculinity with the perfectly defined bodies of the group. These were not the only visual aspects of their Lucifer comeback that people kept talking about (Key, Taemin and Onews hair anyone?) but they were significant and followed a long line of comebacks by male groups with new and ripped bodies. Over these last years, the male idol groups have been closely linked to this constitution as in becoming real men. Because being a real man was becoming increasingly more and more important for these idols.

This time the SHINee members seem to be slimmed down, and they are going for sex with a boyish twist.

I do not in particular prefer any of these concepts, the manly sexual version or the boyish one, they are a part of the industry, the idea of boybands and of this group, hard to leave them out if you have an interest. Maybe just this: If you make someone look young and would add sex, there is nothing to it that gets me going.

Therefore it would be crazy of me not to become happy when awsome pictures are released of my favourite Key. He stares straight into the kamera and looks like someone he could actually very well be. A man in bed with a camera.

It’s not as simple as I don’t see beauty and sex in these pictures and keep myself from getting affected. I  try to keep it cool though and deal with feelings as or if they occur.

I’ve been thinking about this for a day or two now and I still don’t know what part Key would play in the BBC series if he got a chance. But apart from the recurring roles, the queer dominatrix Irene Adler from “A Scandal in Belgravia” is my absolute favourite. The one person except Jim Moriarty that never leaves Sherlocks mind…

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키스노트 – and all I see is Key

March 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yes this is about a commercial. SHINee and Sandara Park have started the release of their Etude lipstick commercials, Kiss Note. This is the 2nd one, including Sandara and Key! I thought that these commercials would be really lame and the first one with Jonghyun did not exactly make me excited. (I know that the commercials are made for girls/women/girls but anyway) BUT THIS ONE. Sandara is of course doing a really great job… but KEY!!! MAN he owns this silly little thing. The story of the CF is stupid and Key obviously knows it. With this self distance and quirky side he can reach the very top of… commercials.

And yes!  Key got the part of a basketball pro.

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A blow at fabrication

February 19, 2012 § 1 Comment

The question on fabrication of idols came up yesterday at the lecture. This is something good. There should always be a discussion on these matters. Today there is once again an article in the biggest swedish newspaper about Lana Del Ray on this very subject. Is she real och just a product of someone?

I both want and do not want to write about this.

My life consist of, has always consisted of different roles. Which ones have I been able to choose myself? Quite early I discovered that I wasn’t allowed to be exactly the person I wanted to be, no one is I think, but there were characters quite close at hand. Especially as a teenager, and I still carry the traces of being the most awkward person ever. I became the intellctual, the indie pop guy, the glam boy and so on… These roles were quite ok since I did not want to be pointed out by others as the nerd, the asperger or the feminine guy. I have always and strongly had the need to be decided by myself, not by others.

Despite this I’m in a situation where I get more and more framed into something by people. People that are doing it out of benevolence. Describing who I am and gives me the epithet of a kpop guy, a loner. Or of me being gay, because they can’t stand not knowing exactly. The question on fabrication is closer to reality then many people seemingly understand and this is why for example Kpop fits well in my every day (imagination of the) world.

What part of Key is the real stuff, and to whom is this important at all? I for one keep making my very own version of this man over and over…

Thanks to Mis for discussing this, putting up with me and the tip for the best swedish tumblr. at the moment.

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Dazed and Confused

January 19, 2012 § Leave a comment

Editorial chat of this afternoon after the recover of a computer:

L: OK so where is the computer
T: ♥♥♥♥♥♥
T: just got it back!
L: WHAT ARE THE TWO OF YOU DOING? I’M DYING OVER THIS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72OxCB7vjoo&feature=player_embedded
T: Yes. What are your favorite moments of that video? Mine are 0:22 and 0:33
L: Mine are 0:39-0:42. And 0:14.
T: Those are good moments.

This is just the way we work.

Key- the man of kpop dreams. ♥


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