I Got a Boy – the stupidest thing

January 7, 2013 § 6 Comments


If they perhaps would have cut the first 1:35 of the song or maybe some other part of it, and changed the lyrics for the rest or something, and got another video-director, then perhaps I would have been able to really enjoy this. Because the teaser pics were really kind of awesome. But I have to tell you this is not good enough. And out of all the terrible lyrics in the world of SNSD, and I’m telling you, I’ve put up with a lot of stuff from them concerning women and men, hatred agaisnt women. This is perhaps the stupidest? WHAT IS IT EVEN SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!!!

Am I’m having it especially hard this time because it’s impossible to interpret humor in to it? Because even though it’s too much it’s not even close to enough? They could have looked cool, fierce and sexy, but they don’t even make it to cute. And don’t get me wrong, I REALLY like the I Got a Boy-part…

Read the lyrics and then watch the MV below if interested. And this comes from someone who has Genie as his alarm-signal.

Ayo! GG! Yeah Yeah, shall we start?
Gosh! Look at her, look
What happened to her that she cut her hair? huh?
Gosh! Again look at her, look!
From head to toe, her style has changed
Why did she do that? I’m curious to death
why did she do that? Tell me

Ha ha! Let me introduce myself!
Here comes trouble! Follow after me!
Oh oh oh yeah oh, oh oh yeah oh
You really are something else!

Who is she? Ridiculous
Do you know you’re too self-assertive? She thinks I’m average
Yeah, I guess she really liked him!
No way! No way!
She became so pretty and sexy, it’s because of him, right?
I almost asked her what her new makeup was

Truthfully, I’ve seen it for the first time
The deep eyes, like a scarred beast
I was dizzy by just talking to him!
You really are something else! You really are something else!

Oh ohh eh oh
(Here’s come trouble, hey girl listen!)
Oh ohh eh oh
You really are something else! (something!)
Oh ohh eh oh (Hey!)
Oh ohh eh oh (Na na na na hey!)
You really are something else!

Ayo! Stop! Let me put it down another way.

I got a boy, a handsome one! I got a boy, a kind one!
I got a boy handsome boy, who took all my heart
I got a boy, a handsome one! I got a boy, a kind one!
I got a boy awesome boy, I must have really fallen for him

Ah, my prince! When are you gonna come save me?
Will you lift me in your arms and fly, like a white dream?

I’m like, surprised, mental collapse!
He wants to see my face without makeup.
I really like him, would it be okay to show it to him?
Oh! Never! Right? Right?
Let’s keep what needs to be kept, right! right!
Don’t ever forget this until you take all of his heart!

Oh ohh eh oh, Oh ohh eh oh
Even if I stay up all night, it’s not enough, everything everything
Oh ohh eh oh, Oh ohh eh oh
Our biggest interest, everything everything

Listen to me, you all know him, right?
He’s a bit young but he’s full inside
Sometimes he is as reliable as an oppa but when he acts charming, he is so cute

Oh ohh eh oh, Oh ohh eh oh
You’re crazy, crazy
Oh ohh eh oh, Oh ohh eh oh
You’re crazy, crazy

I’m really angry, my boy doesn’t look at me as a girl
What should I do when I feel hopeless?
Should I make him feel jealous? I’m so upset! What do I do?
No way! No way!

Don’t stop! Let’s bring it back to 140

I got a boy, a handsome one! I got a boy, a kind one!
I got a boy handsome boy, who took all my heart
I got a boy, a handsome one! I got a boy, a kind one!
I got a boy awesome boy, I must have really fallen for him

Always next to me, it’s you, who’s on my side and listens to me
You oh oh oh oh~ you oh oh oh oh~
I’m happy as it is right now, cause everything will work

I got a boy, a handsome one! I got a boy, a kind one!
I got a boy handsome boy, who took all my heart
I got a boy, a handsome one! I got a boy, a kind one!
I got a boy awesome boy, I must have really fallen for him (x2)

I got a boy, a handsome one!

God I really wanted this to be awesome. 😦 Gonna love them still though

The Future is Idol – L

(and thanks to Johanna and Danni for talking to me on this matter)

Bringing it on – THE BOYS MV

October 18, 2011 § 2 Comments

I have only watched the newly released “The Boys” MV about twenty times, so you can’t really be a hundred percent sure that I’m telling the truth just yet. But this time around, I’m floored by So Nyuh Shi Dae. The almost complete failure from this summer with the MV for japanese track “Bad Girl” is forgotten with this.

This is an explosive, mysterius, dead serious, and absolutely gorgeous comeback to the korean market(and to the world) that leaves me with a smirk on my face. But I have a feeling that not everyone will approve.

The concept of this MV is somewhat of a mystery to me though. But I guess that it is a concept in line with the concept photos released over the last couple of weeks, in which the women of SNSD are posing as fairytale-like, romantic figures. At the same time, they are putting on a really fierce show in this MV, that is not at all in line with compliant fairytale figures. I have never seen these women so cool ever before and there is a grown up appeal to this, that was chosen just in the nick of time.

SNSD are the ultimate fantasy for more then one person out there and there is something in this concept that is absolutely playing with that fact. Emphasizing the fantasy and perhaps also pointing it out by going from long romantic gowns to short minimalistic dresses. I don’t think that they deliberately want to question the fantasy they were created to fullfill as a group, but it is interesting to give this “fantasy concept” a second thought.

The set is classical Kpop style. Abstract futuristic diamond like patterns and shapes in grey, white and black. Not so much fun and nothing new, but beautiful and just what I wanted/needed from this group. I read somewhere that someone thought it looked both hasty and cheap but I believe, quite the contrary that this is a very well chosen and expensive set. The members look dazzling and every piece of clothing is gorgeous. They must have worked hard as hell to pull off the english version(look below for english MV), since not only the american members, but all of them have an almost perfect english.

Something I will never ever be able to appriciate though, are the thin, thin bodies of the members. Do not try to pull me the shit with asian women being smaller then others. Seriously, some of them look less then healthy, their company is really pushing it with the diets.

The track itself? No, it is not as catchy as some of their previous ones and it is certainly not cute(thank god). To include rap in a track by a group that has got nothing to do with the genre itself is a very dangerous thing to do, and it only works once in a while. I am on the other hand on of those people who kind of like it now and then.

When the male idol groups bring in a rap in their tracks I am almost always embarassed, when the girl groups try it I almost always like it a better. The girl groups often make it. Maybe because I have less an idea of how a female rapper should look and act, and far to many boring, dusty ideas of how male rappers should. Maybe because I am male myself. Or maybe just because the girl groups outshine the male ones in this matter.

So Nyuh Shi Dae are anything but rappers, but at the same time, they are not trying to prove that they are. Just emphasizing the lyrics by speaking them out clearly. Kind of like Super Junior did it in “Superman”, their least embarassing rap so far but the longest. Also, have this girl group ever had so few children-like voices in one of their songs as this one has?

There is a beat going through THE BOYS that is heavier then most things in this genre at the moment and that brings me the greatest joy. And after listening to it a couple of times, I am quite sure that this is by far one of their better releases up to this point. As a hit song? I really  don’t know at all, but as an anthem for a new So Nyuh Shi Dae it works more then quite well.

I do not understand how T-ara or Wonder Girls ever could outperform this in their upcoming comebacks.

/The Future is Idol – Floored is the word.

english version:

They gave us 15 seconds more

October 16, 2011 § Leave a comment

So, a longer version of SNSDs “The Boys” MV teaser has been released. It looks even better then the first version. Hell yeah I’m nervous fot the full MV not being as good as the teasers. I want the 19th to come quicker then anything.

/The Future is Idol


Girls bring the boys out – but what about other girls?

October 14, 2011 § 11 Comments

SNSD(Girls Generation) released their 3rd teaser MV today for upcoming release “The Boys” on October 19th. I’m happy and not surprised to see that it looks better then ever. The lyrics presented in the teaser pretty much goes “Girls bring the boys out! And of course this is something that a lot of boys will like, I sure a s hell do, and SNSD are kind of created to be the dream of every boy. In a very problematic way though yet still.

But I tell you this: There are a lot of girls out there who are watching this MV teaser, thinking OMFG thats amazing(could also be in a very problematic way), and they don’t do it because they are jealous of SNSD and just want to be them or look like them. They do it because they think these women are hot, and in the very same ways as a lot of boys do.

I do so much wish that SNSD would sing a song to them as well.

/The Future is Idol


September 27, 2011 § 5 Comments

소녀시대 – “The Boys” on October 4th.



So Cool – A new dawn for SISTAR?

August 6, 2011 § 7 Comments

No, I am not a fan of SISTAR, at all,  I want to make that clear to everyone before they start reading.

SISTAR has from the very start delivered some my least favourite coreographies in Kpop history. As an example, they almost always have a butt dance included that almost makes KARAs version of this concept appear like chastity itself:

But yesterday, almost as a joke, I watched the MV teaser for new SISTAR song So Cool with a friend. And we were both almost pleasently surprised:

There is something with this new teaser, maybe the fact that it looks a little bit more fun then just plain sexy that made us hope for a new start for girl group SISTAR.

The teaser starts out just as it always does, The members wear really short dresses and walk like models on a catwalk. Then, a whistle goes off and they start running like hell as hurdlers, but in high heels and dresses at the same time as they laugh and gives us a little feeling of happiness. All to a sound of electric guitars. Could there be something never before seen in this video?

The thing is, that this group, or rather it’s concepts I should say, is really pissing me off like no other over sexualized girl group ever has. I seldom use the word, porn in my writing, but to summarize SISTARs concepts I have no better description. Every time I come across their performances, the only thing I see are four girls with lots of talent, that has to do the exact same cheap looking sex-concept over and over for each and every comeback.

Examples: Hyorin is a part of variety Immortal Song 2 and har been praised for her singing abilities and Bora has been named Idol Athlete because of her highly atheltic scores in different variety show games, she is really cool. But even though they debuted in 2010 and have become quite popular this last year with their catchy tracks, they don’t seem to evolve at all while performing as a group on stage:

Do the fans really want this?

Maybe you think I’m a bit hard or perhaps unfair, SISTAR is certainly not the only girl group/boy band that tries to enchant us with their sexy appearence. But their production team seem to lack both the playfulness, the theatrical side, humor and a sense of conceptual distance that actually some of the other companies have embodied and understand how to work. I compare SISTAR to Rainbow, T-ara, KARA, 4Minute yes even SNSD, a group that sometimes balances on a thin line but seldom goes tacky. SME would rather go bancrupt then letting SNSD do this type of coreography. Luckily for me. All these are groups that evidently use their sexy appearence but I see more then just sex in them. Why? Is butt dance the only answer?

And I’m probably fooling myself, nothing will change with the new SISTAR MV. blah.

The best version so far found of SISTARs How Dare You, watch both! is this one from Key, with a little help from the rest of SHINee.

/The Future is Idol

Warm up for Mr Simple MV release

August 1, 2011 § 4 Comments

So, I was planning to write this yesterday but lost myself in an out door museum here in Stockholm, pizza and fanfic reading with Elin. Waiting for the new MV by Super Junior i spent a lot of time with watching old MV teasers, mostly from SME groups like DBSK, SHINee, SNSD and of course Super Junior.

The teaser MVs are an entire genre on it’s own, some of them are absolutely fantastic, some of them not so much, but mostly incredibly gorgeous. DBSKs Mirotic had a series of teasers that were just clips of the MV itself and made the MV no surprise when it was released. On the other hand that is the best MV and the best song ever created.

The teasers has been a bit of a problem for me these past two years, since they are supposed to give you a hint of the new concept and the new single but sometimes just confuse you even more. I guess this is what they are supposed to do but still a pain. When SNSD were to release Run Devil Run they had the most gorgeous teaser ever, I was so excited and even though the song and MV turned out to be quite ok(but so lame really in comparison), it was a big disappointment after the incredible teaser. I’m still not really over it. The MV can sometimes lift a track you did not like from the beginning, this is the case with Hurricane Venus by Boa, NU Abo by f(x) and also I am The Best by 2NE1. Run Devil Run MV did not manage to do this.

The teaser of Run Devil Run and SHINees Lucifer teaser are probably my favourite ones all time, so incredibly beautifully produced and promising so much, as they very well should.

In the end I seem to prefer the teasers that don’t tell that much about the single itself even though it is frustrating when you have no clue at all what to expect. What will the Mr Simple MV look like?

I think the Mr Simple track itself is just as cool and Crazy Super Juniorlike as it should be, but with out the MV it is really hard to get the full picture of this comeback. Below are SuJus super clean teasers from the last couple of years:

Teaser No.1. Sorry Sorry 2009:

Resulting in this

Teaser No.2. Bonamana 2010:

Resulting in this

Teaser No.3. Mr Simple 2011:

Teaser No.4. Mr Simple 2011:

Resulting in?

And finally, which teaser do you think is the better?

/The Future is Idol

SNSD Rules Japan

June 1, 2011 § 7 Comments

I fully understood how much I anticipated this album just earlier today when I had to rush home from work, acting rather strained on the subway towards my colleagues, log on and then in a manic sort of way listen to all the tracks until I completly had the picture of what kind of an album this could be. It is a complete success. And yes I cancelled everything I had in plan for the afternoon and evening. After all this time and the wait that never seemed to end. It is finally here, the 1st japanese album by SNSD.When the album teaser was released a couple of days ago, I and many with me, went wild. The mv was crazy and the snippets of music sounded almost to good. The album has a total of twelve tracks and at this moment I find each and every one of them worth listening to. This is of course if you agree to the japanese remakes of korean originals, I’m ok with it but keeps thinking: “this is supposed to be in korean, but yeah”.

First off is Mr Taxi, the one japanese single that was not a korean original. When it was released I was hoping that it showed the direction for the upcoming album. I loved Mr Taxi, still do and yes it showed the direction for the album. It is electric, fun and not to cute.

The japanese version of Genie follows as track no.2 and that is just what it is, a japanese version, ok but I would never in my life swap it for the korean original as a favourite. The original version rests very close to my heart (to every heart?).

You-aholic starts off with an electronic twitch and the lines “psycho sexy super magic” being whispered, which is a hint of how to regard this album. I thought it would be a lot more cute on a whole since it is a japanese relase. But it seems they are going for a more grow up feeling, thank God. In many ways this sounds more like a development from Oh! rather then a step back to reinvent a concept for a new market. Perhaps SNSD is far to famous in Japan already for not continuing what they started in Korea. Joint market anyone?

Run Devil Run, another remake but just fine, perhaps the one I find least strange to hear in japanese.

Bad Girl is so far one of my three favourite tracks on this album, Mr Taxi being the first one. This is another very much so electronica influenced track with a beat that rests on a simple but also beautiful poptune.

Beautiful Stranger. Electric guitars, so this is my least favourite so far. But the refrain is nice and upbeat, but there are electric guitars so no.

I’m In Love With The Hero is the third of my favourite tracks, perhaps second in line and a perfect, semi-hard electric pop track, with a twisted beginning and flute underneath the whole thing, a hit. Chorus: Hero, hero.

Let it Rain. This is a track that sounds like Lady Gagas crazy ass track Alejandro every second time I hear it, but it’s better. When Red One(the swedish producer who wrote Alejandro) tried to explain what kind of track Alejandro was, he described it as a perfect pop tune in the swedish tradition of Abba and Ace of Base. Maybe he is right, it sounds a bit like Madonna aswell, but before every track was written by a swede. This is a weird pop track worth listening to a couple of times. I wonder who wrote it?

Gee is just Gee, but in japanese and you already know the original. When this track starts playing you will think just that.

The Great Escape, another electric and also minimalistic track with a hard beat and a discolike refrain. Developing the concepts.

Hoot. Hoot in japanese. The people of japan will surrender by now.

Born To Be A Lady is the most ballad like track on this album and that is fine by me since I never really appriciated SNSds ballad attempts. This one is just fine and a bit up tempo, not trying to be too beautiful.

I’m not sure wether this album is as modern as anything ever could be, if it is trying to be something already seen in the US or if it is a bit retro 90s feel. Being satisfied with not knowing this for sure, I just want to point out that this one of the best main stream pop albums of the first half of 2011.

If not planning to buy this album, you’re just plain stupid.

/The Future is Idol

Teasing and crushing in another language

May 20, 2011 § 10 Comments

I’m always a bit careful when it comes to groups debuting overseas. When Korean idols debut in Japan, China and US they usually make new versions of their old songs. That is, english versions for US, Japanese version for Japan etc. This is not always a hit, at least not for me. SNSDs japanese version of Genie was not interesting music wise, Super Juniors newly released japanese version of Bonamana was excactly the same, not so much fun. For an old fan, you want to hear something new. It is on the other hand understandable that new versions are made for new markets, it is probably a good way to reach a bigger audience. I’m happy as long as  no kpop group tries to make a swedish version of one of their songs, but apparently the japanese and mandarin speaking audience is fully satisfied with korean artist singing in japanese and mandarin even if they really don’t know a single word of it.

SNSD is now about to release their first japanese full length album, and it looks like it wont be boring. The japanese versions Gee and Genie are already out, MR TAXI, the first japanese single as well, and MR TAXI is a huge hit in my ears. A moment ago, a teaser for the entire album was released by SMENT. and to me it sounds like this is an album worth waiting for. At least if you are a fan of SNSD, which I am. Except the tracks we already know of, including a japanese version of  Run Devil Run there will be eight new tracks on the album, and even if it is hard to really know from the teaser, it all sounds interesting. For me it does not matter if it is in korean or japanese, as long as it is really good pop music. Check out the psychedelic teaser below! I love teasers for complete albums.

/The Future is Idol

Gifts of (K-pop)love

April 27, 2011 § 1 Comment

When I got home late last night I found a thick brown envelope inside my door. It had my full name on it(all four of names) so I understood that it was probably from someone who knows me quite well, but I really had no clue who it could have been from as standing there in my dark hallway. I rushed inside to open it, and actually I still, almost 24 hours later start to smile when i think of what was inside. The envelope, which also hade some words in hangul stamped on, it contained one pink heart shaped balloon with Girls Genereation printed on it, one notepad with pictures of U-Kiss (the correct set of members!), one mobile phone jewelry with SHINee KEY written on it and a blue E.L.F. Super Junior bracelet.

It was a present from my friends who moved to Seoul not long ago, and sending me this gift was exactly what I needed at the moment. I’ve walked around in a cloud of happiness all day long. Thank you!

/The Future is Idol

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