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When Orange Caramel made their debut back in 2010 with Magic Girl I was a big sceptic. I saw the influences from the Japanese kawaii (cute) world, something I have never been a fan of and didn’t want to connect with the K-pop scene at all. The music just felt weird and I was hoping for a one time project. On the other hand I was madly in love with After School (omg you have to press this link), the group that sub unit Orange Caramel descended from and therefor could never just not care about this new project.

Something happend though, bcuz in the spring of 2011 they released Bangkok City and I fell for it like a fool. By taking small steps away from the cuteness and the cartoon-feeling, Orange Caramel ventured into sexy and fun, which for me was something positive.

Yes I know exactly how problematic this may sound and believe me, I’m still not clear over what my feelings really concerning this really are. But the thing is, as they started releasing tracks that did not just only sound like something out of a cartoon, combined with a sexier but still kind of silly image, it really felt like they knew what they were doing. Making fun of everything, but with serious intentions. I don’t know if this is actually the case, but that’s how it felt and still feels. Also, by reading about how the members felt awkward over the first concepts and the groups name when initially being put together, it felt like they were in the same strange position over this as myself, and I saw that as a good sign.

The following releases, Shanghai Romance and Funny Hunny were of the same caliber as Bangkok City and these three tracks have a high rakning in my Itunes library to this day.

The latest track, Lipstick arrived this week and I had my doubts(my co-writer did not). I really liked the teaser and the photos but after the first listen I was not that impressed. After a couple of days of listening though, and watching(ever so important), my heart is melting. It is not my favourite track so far, but atleast it’s moving in that direction. Maybe it’s them making fun of me.

The Future is Idol – L

A Song Calling for You

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Randomly ended up watching and listening to an old favourite and it takes me back to the beginning of my fandom. I did not really understand who they were or what it was all about, but I watched it over and over again almost as obsessively as with Sorry Sorry and Genie. I became obsessed with this groups remodeled faces and listened to this song every day on my way to work (it still happens though). It makes me very happy and I take it as a sign that I was not wrong falling in love with this scene.

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I forgot!

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Hey, I was so busy with my big birthday and being drunk that week early in July that I forgot to make it clear that I love this MV, nipples, colours, Kangin and all.


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GLAM – Party(XXO)

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It’s Stockholm Pride Week, the first one I’m actually trying to participate in for real. And this awesomely sexually ambivalent song is my soundtrack:

(subtitled version here)

I can’t really decide on whether I think it’s actually supposed to be about same-sex attraction or if it just comes across like that when it’s translated, though I with my limited Korean also make out the original Korean lyrics to be quite gay. Or is it just my corrupt mind? I personally believe that there are supposed to be hints at lesbianism in the lyrics, and that they are put there mostly as a promotional stunt, something to make the song a hot topic. One part of me finds it annoying when love between girls is hinted at for commercial purposes, considering the male gaze, lesbian love for straight men etc, but another part of me remembers how many young girls who found the fabricated love between the girls of Tatu to be a great inspiration in their teenage coming out process.

No matter what, the song is really catchy, and I’ll interpret the lyrics to my benefit. You know how it is with art – it’s the viewer’s perception that’s important.


f(x) – Electric Shock

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Right now we are both at Lars’ apartment, drinking wine and listening to Electric Shock. And we are both relieved and happy that we like it! But we also just had the following conversation:

Tina: “It’s a pretty annoying song.”

Lars: “Mhm…”

Tina: “But I like that.”

Lars: “Yeah, me too.”

Can’t wait to see the video!

National Day

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Today, June 6th is Swedens national day for celebrations of the country. This day for celebration is no old tradition and only just became a national holiday a couple of years ago. The date has a lot of old history in it, but people in general are a bit confused over what to do with the day. The idea of Swedish people going out in the streets waving with yellow and blue flags is a bit absurd for many Swedes, and I’m not going to take part in that kind of behaviour. There’s no need, I like Sweden, was born here and pay my taxes. That is enough of a celebration as it is.

Instead of flag waving I suggest watching something like the MV below. Not so serious and in a swedish perspective no nationalism at all. Have a great national day while doing so:

/The Future is Idol

Like this yo, like… yes

June 3, 2012 § 1 Comment

You know the times when artists release an MV that is partly or mainly set outside of a studio. A big star taking it out on the streets and blending with you and me, even if it always is the coolest you and me there is to be found (fake).  This is obviously so very calculated that it should be no need to even mention it, and it is very effective.

Up to some point there is almost a documentary feeling to early (and later) MVs by for instance Mariah Carey with Fantasy and Madonnas Borderline and Hung up. Brilliant work altoghether. For the Wonder Girls to do something similar is no surprise and yesterday they released the MV for new track Like This:

I never really understood the thing about the Wonder Girls, or rather, I think I got into K-pop after their prime time, the classics were already created. These last three years they have really not done anything that gets even on to top 50 of my favourite K-pop tracks. But this, is a really good try. Set at some kind of shopping center with one of the most renowned brands recurring at center stage, most certainly paying for it all, this MV is for me their best so far.

Wonder Girls are going for some kind of flash mob theme, the girls themselves starting to dance randomly and everyone else present eventually joining in. Really nice clothing, silly(fun) coreography and a nice mix of people. So calculated, and well done.


/The Future is Idol

Doradoradora doradoradora

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This might be their best looking video so far. Kevin never looked as good before. Also, I like the little tapping dance.

U-kiss ♥

/The Future is Idol


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SHINee, they are back with a lot of songs that I don’t know if I like yet. But it’s possible I might do. Here I would like to present the highlights so far. In the order I like them right now.

The Reason



MV Teaser is also released

Might need to reupload these links soon, but as a start. Not the complete success, but eons from bad.

/The Future is Idol



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Nothing new and ground-breaking. But oh so beautiful and posted because of this. SME make the kpop dreams come true… Wether I like it or not. Also, with all members of EXO M and K displayed at the same time they resemble Super Junior in numbers. And everyone looks like Taemin.

/The Future is Idol

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