I Got a Boy – the stupidest thing

January 7, 2013 § 6 Comments


If they perhaps would have cut the first 1:35 of the song or maybe some other part of it, and changed the lyrics for the rest or something, and got another video-director, then perhaps I would have been able to really enjoy this. Because the teaser pics were really kind of awesome. But I have to tell you this is not good enough. And out of all the terrible lyrics in the world of SNSD, and I’m telling you, I’ve put up with a lot of stuff from them concerning women and men, hatred agaisnt women. This is perhaps the stupidest? WHAT IS IT EVEN SUPPOSED TO MEAN?!!!

Am I’m having it especially hard this time because it’s impossible to interpret humor in to it? Because even though it’s too much it’s not even close to enough? They could have looked cool, fierce and sexy, but they don’t even make it to cute. And don’t get me wrong, I REALLY like the I Got a Boy-part…

Read the lyrics and then watch the MV below if interested. And this comes from someone who has Genie as his alarm-signal.

Ayo! GG! Yeah Yeah, shall we start?
Gosh! Look at her, look
What happened to her that she cut her hair? huh?
Gosh! Again look at her, look!
From head to toe, her style has changed
Why did she do that? I’m curious to death
why did she do that? Tell me

Ha ha! Let me introduce myself!
Here comes trouble! Follow after me!
Oh oh oh yeah oh, oh oh yeah oh
You really are something else!

Who is she? Ridiculous
Do you know you’re too self-assertive? She thinks I’m average
Yeah, I guess she really liked him!
No way! No way!
She became so pretty and sexy, it’s because of him, right?
I almost asked her what her new makeup was

Truthfully, I’ve seen it for the first time
The deep eyes, like a scarred beast
I was dizzy by just talking to him!
You really are something else! You really are something else!

Oh ohh eh oh
(Here’s come trouble, hey girl listen!)
Oh ohh eh oh
You really are something else! (something!)
Oh ohh eh oh (Hey!)
Oh ohh eh oh (Na na na na hey!)
You really are something else!

Ayo! Stop! Let me put it down another way.

I got a boy, a handsome one! I got a boy, a kind one!
I got a boy handsome boy, who took all my heart
I got a boy, a handsome one! I got a boy, a kind one!
I got a boy awesome boy, I must have really fallen for him

Ah, my prince! When are you gonna come save me?
Will you lift me in your arms and fly, like a white dream?

I’m like, surprised, mental collapse!
He wants to see my face without makeup.
I really like him, would it be okay to show it to him?
Oh! Never! Right? Right?
Let’s keep what needs to be kept, right! right!
Don’t ever forget this until you take all of his heart!

Oh ohh eh oh, Oh ohh eh oh
Even if I stay up all night, it’s not enough, everything everything
Oh ohh eh oh, Oh ohh eh oh
Our biggest interest, everything everything

Listen to me, you all know him, right?
He’s a bit young but he’s full inside
Sometimes he is as reliable as an oppa but when he acts charming, he is so cute

Oh ohh eh oh, Oh ohh eh oh
You’re crazy, crazy
Oh ohh eh oh, Oh ohh eh oh
You’re crazy, crazy

I’m really angry, my boy doesn’t look at me as a girl
What should I do when I feel hopeless?
Should I make him feel jealous? I’m so upset! What do I do?
No way! No way!

Don’t stop! Let’s bring it back to 140

I got a boy, a handsome one! I got a boy, a kind one!
I got a boy handsome boy, who took all my heart
I got a boy, a handsome one! I got a boy, a kind one!
I got a boy awesome boy, I must have really fallen for him

Always next to me, it’s you, who’s on my side and listens to me
You oh oh oh oh~ you oh oh oh oh~
I’m happy as it is right now, cause everything will work

I got a boy, a handsome one! I got a boy, a kind one!
I got a boy handsome boy, who took all my heart
I got a boy, a handsome one! I got a boy, a kind one!
I got a boy awesome boy, I must have really fallen for him (x2)

I got a boy, a handsome one!

God I really wanted this to be awesome. 😦 Gonna love them still though

The Future is Idol – L

(and thanks to Johanna and Danni for talking to me on this matter)


I don’t need a man

October 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

I’m always alarmed and worried when the meaning in words and actions are changed from politics to the conceptual level. This is what Miss A is heading towards using a banner with the words Independent Women and This Is For All The Independent Ladies, for their new promotional pictures. To make money out of a short promotional period on the very much so important issue of womens rights is indeed higly questionable. This is obviously so much of a marketing strategy that no one can be misstaken, but who knows, Miss A might turn out to be part of a newly born feminist movement in South Korea in the end…

Good idea or bad idea to use this concept? Does it make it better or worse that they look awesome in suits and other traditional “male” attires in the teaser MV?
The Future is Idol – L

GDTOP – Beautiful pictures and ancient MVs

December 3, 2011 § 3 Comments

GD&TOP are about to release their debut track in Japan. And it’s the same story all over. Beautiful album jacket photos of two talented and gorgeous men, and another boring MV with lots of girls clinging all over them through out the entire thing. Cars, boats and girls, all the toys you need to make you look like a masculine player. This is not uniqe for these guys, but I really wish that they could just let all of that go. No more playboy jewelry, but the tiresome attitude against women remains.

Shape up for fuck sake.

/The Future is Idol

You can be anything you want

December 2, 2011 § Leave a comment

When Yoon Mi Rae, or Tasha as some people know her, released her latest single, I was blown away by her attitude, track and MV. She is by far one of the coolest artists I know from Korea. The release is a complete step away from what comes out of the kpop industry. In the MV she appears as a lady of vengeance and kicks the hell out of the men trying to fight her. Beating the hell out of her own husband, Tiger JK by the end.  She is nothing like the girl groups and some of the female solo artists within the kpop scene, she is not an idol. More power, less sex. I really like her.

All this also tells us that even if you are female and a part of a pop cultural industry, you can be anything you want – as long as you are a rapper and married to the right man with in the industry?

I should have written this ages ago.

/The Future is Idol


OMFG Kyu Jong

September 19, 2011 § 8 Comments

This is not really a news blog, though we obviously reflect on what’s happening within the Kpop scene at the moment.

Our emphasis has been on our feelings and thoughts surrounding our interest, how it affects us and how we try to make sense of it all. Just as Mis described herself in the previous post, I am also both a bit numb after Heechul leaving for the army, and have quite a lot to do at the moment. Recently also very disappointed with KARAs comeback which turns the numbness towards my interest into ice cold disinterest…

FOR A MINUTE OR SO, but then something wonderful is published, and it starts all over again.

Allkpop named boyband SS501s Kim Kyu Jong solo concept “Ice prince”, as if that would be even close to the first thing you were thinking of when seeing this picture (OMFG?)

This concept is, if not gender breaking (but it is) then atleast a hundred times more interesting then most of the stuff released at the moment. Maybe there is a bit of desperation to this, a bit over the top to get noticed.. Then again, who the hell really cares? If this is a way of presenting yourself that is appriciated by fans, then this is pure happiness. I am always and ever fed up with the cliché of the male idol(don’t even start me on my feelings concerning the female idols), with muscles and “oppa attitude”  that not all of them seem to handle that well in any case.

Kyu Jong could have released photos of a naked torso with chocolate abs, something that most male idols are tempted to do, but he didn’t. HE FUCKIN DIDN’T. With a heavy make up including lipstick, clothing that are nor male nor female and white beads around his neck, he certainly makes it to the throne of concept photos from 2011. I always had a bit of disinterest towards Kyu Jong even if he is quite the funny dancer, but there were certainly other people in the group that got more attention previously. That is changing as writing this.

So, Park Jung Min delivered one of the most interesting videos of 2011 with Not Alone(and an ok nosejob), Kim Hyung Jun gave us the epic track of oH aH with it’s amazing coreography,Kim Hyun Joong the over all Idol experience with his solo debut and Heo Young Saeng… well he is the one of them who can sing anyway, even if he tries his best to hide it from us. Kyu Jong is the last member of SS501 to go as a solo artist, and the photos from this comback catapults him to the very top for me.

SS501 is an intersting group. Named “plastic idols” due to their obvious change of physical appearence and as not really being a group at all for more then a years time. Also, they are certainly not my favourite group either, not enough great tracks is my main problem. Really funny guys though and this epic commercial cut is an all time favourite.

But 2011 has been good to SS501 and THIS is just to good.

Only now the track will be ok. And the MV not a hundred miles away from the photos. Actually, if Kyu Jong had decided to make a rerelease of Wuzz Up, from SS501 solo collection, no one would have been happier then me. I’m serious.

Androgynous is the word

/The Future is Idol




Dream Wedding

April 27, 2011 § 3 Comments

In white, middle-class Stockholm, you don’t really have to get married. In my generation, having unmarried parents is not uncommon, and having divorced parents is almost the norm. But the marriage statistics are rising. People are getting married again – for purely romantic reasons, it seems.

Now, I get that some cultures require marriage, and that some people do it for religious reasons, or for legal reasons, like citizenship or inheritance issues, but I think that neither church nor state has anything to do with whom I fall in love or whom I choose to sleep with. Even though same-sex couples can get married in Sweden these days, marriage still holds its position as a symbol of an oppressive, old-fashion system where everybody has to end up in a traditional family constellation to get happy, and for me that makes a pretty darn good reason to stay away from it.

In Korean society on the other hand, marriage seems to hold its ground as the one natural way to live with your partner. For a k-pop fan like me, it’s unavoidable – in interviews, dramas and variety shows, it keeps popping up. Everybody past  their earliest twenties get questions about marriage – questions both asked and answered as if marriage was something natural, an obvious step in their life. And talk about sex, even when hinted, immediately gets flagged with a big “OF COURSE I MEAN WHEN I GET MARRIED”-banner. It’s a society where Christian morals are combined with Confucian traditions. My post-modern super-ego pats my head and tells me to try to look at it from a non-Swedish point of view, and I reluctantly do my best to balance complying to this request with keeping my own opinions intact. A tricky thing, indeed.

K-pop is a symbol of South Korea becoming a part of the modern world. It is also the industry of dreams. So when marriage and domestic life is not required for survival, at least a wedding can remain a dream to make money out of. For even though I know my opinions on the subject, does that mean that I’ve never fantasized about what my wedding dress would look like? Does that mean that I don’t secretly get all worked up, going “That’s totally me!” when my oppas rant about the future wife of their dreams being a good cook who shows elders respect? My sober self tries to hold my giggly fangirl self down as k-pop marriage propaganda carries her away on a rose-scented wave of wedding plans…

The picture above makes it really hard not to wish I had cultivated my congenital awkwardness into something more like IU and less like a Michael Cera character.


Not nice at all Brian Joo

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Brian Joo(of Fly to the Sky) released an MV teaser for his upcoming comeback and album earlier. The teaser is very dramatic and looks like a preview of a movie rather then a music video. In the teaser you get to see Brian in several different settings, including one scene with him assulting a woman. This is so not ok for me.

To use domesitc violence to promote a new MV is not at all nice. And if you absolutely have to include it in an MV, why in the teaser? The toughest part about this is in the end reading comments from fans underneath the teaser, who apparently find it “interesting” and “wow, I like this 😀 a lot ! :D” . But this kind of violence is never just interesting and should be dealt with carefully and certainly not just in promotional purpose. Of course, these subjects should be adressed even within the pop scene, but how is it used in this case? I really hope there could be a good explanation for Brian Joo to include it. But then again, probably not.

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