You and I, Goo Jae Hee

September 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

There is not really that much to say about To the Beautiful You. It’s colorful and pretty and cheesy and I watch it just for fun. As the episodes have gone by, the drama has become pretty different from the Japanese versions, which is nice for me who’s pretty familiar with those. Choi Min Ho is hot when he’s in pain but his childish smile turns me off. Sulli is probably more awesome than the role lets her show (Biased? Who, me?) because let’s face it, the character Goo Jae Hee is pretty annoying. But she’s not so annoying I can’t like her. And yesterday when I went through some old pictures, I realized one of the reasons for that:

Me, fifteen years old!

Goo Jae Hee

I really wish I had found a picture where I was dressed in my schoolboy outfit, including white shirt and tie. But even without the school uniform, I guess it’s not completely impossible to see some reasons for identification with Goo Jae Hee…



Answer me, 1997 – Thoughts After Last Episode

September 21, 2012 § 10 Comments

I just finished watching Reply/Reply to/Answer me, 1997 (I suggest watching it here, if you haven’t found somewhere else to do it). I can honestly say that it is one of my favorite shows all-time, completely without irony. Right now, I’m just so filled with emotions regarding this drama, thinking about youth and those first, hurtful lovestories. As previously mentioned, it is not really that I can see myself in the characters, but I can still relate to them, as if they were people I knew. Well-written, and often well-acted.

So, I hope I have now made my love for this drama clear. Maybe I’ll write more about that later, maybe not – there seem to be a lot of people who think the same, which is awesome. But although I bid farewell to this drama with deep appreciation and admiration and think a lot of things were handled extremely, even surprisingly well, there are still some things that I can’t shake, in a bad way. Here they go (warning for SPOILERS, and possibly for being a party pooper):

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To the Beautiful You – Thoughts after episodes 1-2

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That pretty much sums up my feelings for this drama so far. But honestly, I’m not complaining. This is a drama to watch for the lulz, for ridiculous amounts of ridiculously handsome young men, for cheesy CF-styled camera shooting, for the unfolding of a storyline one already knows, and for Sulli in drag. I knew this beforehand, and wasn’t expecting much more – and so far, I haven’t gotten much more, either. The things that have surprised me up til now are the following (no spoilers, really):

  1. The dorm captain for dorm 2 is really hot in a sporty, normal, guy-handsome way, and I like it, with my liking it being the surprise of this.
    Brb, identity crisis.
  2. The interiors of the school are fantastically, hilariously horrible! Here just as in the jdrama version. I love ugly and super-expensive interiors in these kinds of over-the-top dramas.

    So who is your decorator? Can I have their number?
  3. EXO-K performs at the school party. This made me laugh out loud both because, damn, SME aren’t exactly subtle about how much they own this show, and because of a boy-band performing at an all-boys school – fuck yeah, shojo dreams! It’s pretty awesome how shamelessly the show is aiming at a teenage girl audience.

    Just you know, casually performing by the pool

I will probably continue to watch this show, but don’t expect any deep analyses of it.


Answer Me, 1997 – Thoughts after episodes 1-4

August 13, 2012 § 1 Comment

I had been wanting to watch the new Korean drama 응답하라 1997, translated to respectively “Answer Me, 1997”, “Reply 1997” or “Answer to 1997” (sigh), for a couple of weeks before I actually found subtitles for it. The first four episodes are subbed and can be streamed from KimchiDramas as well as DramaCrazy and since I’ve caught a cold, I don’t feel the least guilty about having stayed home watching them instead of being out in the nice summer weather. Actually, that’s rather fortunate for me, because this far it’s a great drama that I have enjoyed a lot, even though I realize that it probably would have appealed to me even more and in other ways if I’d had a different upbringing.

I honesly don’t know that much about how any of the Korean countries were during the 90’s. For example: since I have read a little about Confucianism and its influence on Korea, I could guess why girls and boys had separate classrooms even during the same class at the same school, with the teacher going back and forth between the classrooms, but I absolutely had no idea that it was still like that back in 1997. Same goes for how the teenagers in the drama speak in hushed voices about things imported from Japan – I did know that Japanese-Korean relations were even frostier back then, but it’s one thing to know it and a whole other thing to see it played out in a drama.

I also don’t really have that much knowledge of 90’s Korean idol bands (it would feel strange calling them kpop idols, considering how kpop hadn’t been coined as a term back then) beside some basic knowledge gathered mostly as a consequence, and I have never been a teenage boyband fan.

But I can still relate to the show. Because more than anything, this is a show about being a teenager, with all the pains and troubles that holds. Even though my pains as a teenager weren’t exactly the same as the characters’ of this show, I can still relate to them.


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To the Beautiful You

July 18, 2012 § 5 Comments

With both Lars and me away on the countryside to spend time with our families, it would probably be more depressing if we did keep up with what goes on in the kpopverse. Still, I can’t help but keep an eye on the promotions for a kdrama I’m really looking forward to, namely To the Beautiful You, the kdrama adaptation of classic manga (and later jdrama) Hana-Kimi.

There are several reasons for my enthusiasm. To begin with, Sulli is in it! I often feel somewhat alone in having such a soft spot for Sulli, especially among other female f(x) fans. Mostly I guess it’s because her image has made her come out as a cute, childish, and frankly not quite that smart girl without a clear place in f(x). Luckily for me, I thought she was hot-to-be (like, too young to be hot but seemingly growing up to be attractive in my eyes) enough to keep a closer track on anyway. Because of that, I kind of looked out for what she did and said during promotions and started to believe that underneath that cutesy image was someone with a potential to grow up to quite interesting a person. In this recent interview on her role as Goo Jaehee, she confirmed that by putting in words some suspicions I’ve held for a while, like this: “Most people think of me as a child with a lot of cuteness, but truthfully I’m a bit gruff and I have somewhat of a masculine side. I also tend not to express myself. It’s been difficult to bring out that part of me in f(x), so I think it worked out well that I can naturally show something close to my real image through this role.”  As if that wouldn’t make me interested. Also, I guess I might be starting to see Sulli as an adult, which is about time considering she’s 18, the age of majority in Sweden. Still feel a bit weird over how attractive I find her in recent pictures. Maybe it’s just the alternative lifestyle haircut (I like long hair, but a short cut can sometimes be a short-cut for determining whether or not a girl is into girls or not, which has Pavloved me into reacting to it).

I am – surprise, surprise! – intensely interested in crossdressing stories in general, both when it’s done intentionally subversive and when it has a broader target audience, and I really loved Hana Kimi especially. I just hope Sulli and the drama’s director don’t make the lead less cool and more clumsy than the original – a stupid female lead is something I always fear when it comes to romcom-kdramas. Fingers crossed.

I don’t have any hopes for Minho, though. Not that I hate him or anything, but he is my least favorite member of SHINee, and he will be taking on one of the most annoying male main characters I’ve ever seen in a drama. In Hana Kimi, I’m not sure if I would have been able to stand it had he not been portrayed by Oguri Shun, whom I like. But with my expectations this low, I guess it can only go upwards from here.

Looking forward to August 15th! Or whenever the first episode is subbed…


Happy Birthday, Lee Min Ho!

June 21, 2012 § 4 Comments

I know Lee Min Ho had his big break with the Korean version of Boys over Flowers, but I can’t say I loved that drama. I actually didn’t even finish watching it. On the other hand, I really, really liked City Hunter. And to be quite honest, one of the reasons that I enjoyed it so much was because of the intense hotness of Lee Min Ho.

Yes, I said it. Yeah, I know.

Today is the 25:th birthday (in international age) of that Lee Min Ho. There is a younger Lee Min Ho too in kdramaverse these days, but he still has a long way to go before he reached the level of fame that the 870722-Lee Min Ho has.

I’m actually not quite sure what it is about Lee Min Ho that I find so attractive. He’s handsome as any, but not breathtaking in a way that makes me want to scroll through pages and pages of pictures of him (NOT LIKE I WOULD EVER DO THAT WITH ANYONE WHAT DO YOU MEAN).   And though he seldom comes off as a complete idiot in interviews (though euuugh remember when he said that he didn’t want his girlfriend to wear short skirts?), it’s not like I actually remember anything special from them either. Neither does he give any impression of genderbending, which is usually a pretty good way to catch my eye. He’s just some seemingly decent dude, a pretty good actor and for some reason really attractice when in a drama. Maybe it’s his body language or something.

Though Rooftop Prince should have fed me up when it comes to fusion sageuk, I definitely look forward to Faith because Lee Min Ho will be playing the lead, described like this: “Being in his mid-20s in the drama, Choi Yeong is a blunt warrior who never laughs but is also quite random. He sometimes grins brightly.” Did they come up with this character by putting a test audience in cubes and let them watch Lee Min Ho act and push a buttom when they saw something they liked? Honestly.

Also, I know I’m definitely not the first to post this photo, but this looks quite promising:

So. Happy Birthday, Lee Min Ho! I hope you celebrate it with all your might.


Shut Up! Flower Boy Band, eps 9 and 10

March 1, 2012 § 3 Comments

I watch it here, by the way.

Yesterday, I was going to watch episode 9 of Shut Up! while eating lunch. However, before even finishing the first 10 minutes, I realized that watching it would make me too stirred up to get anything done afterwards. (Yes, yes, I do eat in front of the computer when I’m home studying, dramas make me emotional, etc – I’m pathetic, whatever)

Again, don’t read if you’re afraid I’ll spoil it for you.

Wow. If nothing else, these episodes made me realize exactly how little I know about the Korean music industry. I don’t get it at all. Or is it just the storyline? No one else seems to have any remarks on it though. In episode 9, our dear Eye Candy are about to release their debut single soon, hence they move into dorms. And I’m like, what? They move into dorms? But they aren’t even idols, are they? And they are to move out as soon as their single is released? I don’t get it at all. The Korean music industry doesn’t seem to be different only when it comes to mainstream hit songs, if this scenario is realistic.

These episodes are also the first ones where I haven’t been snickering a little every time Myung-soo/L from Infinite has shown up in the screen. To be honest I’ve been a little embarrassed for his acting so far, but I don’t know if it’s getting better or if it’s just that I’m finally getting exactly why he’s gotten the role of Hyun-soo. Basically, Myung-soo is an idol, and Hyun-soo…

While Ji-hyuk agrees to follow some rules if it means he gets to release his music, he puts down his foot at doing weird stuff like dancing or acting. Hyun-soo, on the other hand, agrees not only to live in the dorm and to follow the dorm rules – he is ready to give up at least some of his indie rock persona to gain fame. He agrees to learn the “correct” answers to questions on varieties and smiles in front of the cameras, but never else (well, except for in his sleep). He politely puts on a totally different façade for the sake of hitting it big. And this, my friends, is idol stuff.

I know that Sung-gyu of Infinite (the leader and one of the lead singers) originally wanted to become a rock musician. I guess that he expected to debut at something less idol-y than Infinite when he entered Woollim Entertainment. I wonder what he thinks when he watches Shut Up! and thinks of the meta of his boyband member playing this role.

Whatever; I shouldn’t think too much about this stuff and just enjoy the show instead. It’s still really, really good. And I am amazed at how much I like Su-ah. Seriously, I think she is one of few female leads that have actually makes sense to me; her actions don’t irritate me at all. Do you know how rare that is? Do you?

Can’t wait for next week. Or at least until episode 17 and 18 of The Moon that Embraces the Sun is up and subbed, ehehe…


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