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March 3, 2012 § Leave a comment

Yes this is about a commercial. SHINee and Sandara Park have started the release of their Etude lipstick commercials, Kiss Note. This is the 2nd one, including Sandara and Key! I thought that these commercials would be really lame and the first one with Jonghyun did not exactly make me excited. (I know that the commercials are made for girls/women/girls but anyway) BUT THIS ONE. Sandara is of course doing a really great job… but KEY!!! MAN he owns this silly little thing. The story of the CF is stupid and Key obviously knows it. With this self distance and quirky side he can reach the very top of… commercials.

And yes!  Key got the part of a basketball pro.

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Commercial break pt. 3, Snsd vs. f(x)

March 16, 2011 § 1 Comment

f(x) selling mobile phones, can it get much better? SMEs young girl group that shaped up from the boring beginning with not so interesting LA chA TA and turned into this brilliance to every ones happiness. They could sell anything. The MV for today is a bit old, but how would that matter? I continue to write about the ones I really like. This is the twin MV to Girls Generations Chocolate Love CF. Same phone ,same song, two entirely different versions. Who wins? There’s really no question, f(x) definetly brings home the victory in this case. Girls Generation(aka Snsd) shows of their worst sides with the innocent fluffy white but still so obviously sexual invitation to the viewers. For buying a phone? Again, it’s not even the sexy part that annoys me, because sex is everywhere. No it’s the passiveness and girlish look you get from these wonderful women as they stand there in their hot pants and tops, trying to seduce. The result for them: The most stupid and boring CF MV in my long list. This comes from someone who really likes Snsd, but does not like to see them like this.

The way the f(x) version starts almost make both of the MVs epic, with Snsd looking curiously through a door way with big eyes. On the other side? f(x) of course. They deliver an uptempo electro version of the same song Snsd used for their MV, and ten times better. A song that is not just for this MV but to be played at parties and while jogging. They are wearing nice and hot clothes in a cool set, they also have a really really nice coreography going, compare it to the epic fail lolita version by Snsd…Obviously, I know that the women of Snsd had nothing to say about how they would be presented in their version, I painfully aknowledge that. I’m a bit upset and want you to know my feelings.

So, the result again: f(x) winning and an epic fail for Snsd, interesting how their company(same company) use their girl groups to contrast against each other and letting one of them down completely in a case like this.

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Just the commercial breaks, thank you! pt. 2

March 9, 2011 § 3 Comments

As Iv’e said earlier, the Kpop Commercial MVs, the ones for selling a mobile phone or such, are one of my favourite things within the Kpop scene. It feels a bit like entering a commercial future, since the CFs are so incredibly catchy and have esthetics to die for. In my first ever blog post i presented Amoled, and last week it was time for Lollipop. Now, it’s a new week and my third favourite CF MV with the coolest (girl?) group of them all, 2NE1. The tune is extremly catchy and called Don’t Stop the Music, for a Yamaha Fiore scooter. An MV soo good in many ways, except from the fact that I don’t like the parts when the girls are riding the bikes. I particulary like the Lego set though, with it’s brilliant choice patterns and colors. The members of the group look really hot and I want to marry all of them, I don’t want to buy the bike though.

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I just want the commercial breaks, thank you!(and esthetics to die for)

February 28, 2011 § 4 Comments

I actually started of this blog with an MV from a commercial, this one. Probably the best one ever made. It was exciting as my Kpop interest grew, to see that many of the most briliant MVs were made to advertise something more then just an artist(mobile phones most of the time). This is my second favourite. Super group Big Bang with Lollipop pt. 2, for the LG Lollipop phone. Silly name for a phone, but the esthetics of the clothes and the set is all you need to fall for it:

I am trying to remember a really good commercial in the last couple of years, in Sweden that is. The only one I can think of is the one with thousands of colorful bouncy balls being dropped at the top of a San Francisco hill street, the one with Jose Gonzalez Heartbeats cover playing. It was good the first times, but in the long run it felt a bit quasi. Was it even shown in Sweden or do I remember it just because there’s a Swedish song in it?
I don’t know why this is, the lack of cool CFs in this country, maybe Scandinavia is to small as a market. Evidently I’m not that interested in Swedish pop culture at the moment, but still.
The Kpop scene is filled with amazing CF MVs and briliant songs to accompany them, and as a fan, you never get tired of watching. I don’t know anything about the products adverted really, thats not what draws the attention. We will post more CF MVs later on.

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Kpop Blog, Beginning and Future

February 21, 2011 § 6 Comments

At a party, Friday night not long ago in central Stockholm, it is way after 2 in the morning but nobody cares. All of us present, men and women in age between 20 and 30 has lost the grip of time, and our focus is one only: the computer screen on the desk, everything else has stopped.
Playing: a music video with some of the coolest pop stars in the world, a song that all of us love. The title of the song is Amoled and the artists performing are After School and Son Dambi in one of the most brilliant MV. commercials ever made.

The people present in the room sings along to the refrain and knows the hand movements of the idol stars. For me at that moment, as the music pumps out through the freezing cold night, this is as close to heaven one can get.
A late night kpop party with grown up people, with friends.
Something has happend these last couple of months, the latest year. An interest that in the beginning seemed a bit lonely and odd, only for a handful people around, is now becoming socializing in a bigger perspective. There are more people to share the passion with as the network grows and a strenght in knowing that this is not just the laughing stock of friends and acquaintances.

That night left me with happiness and I felt a need to express myself, and to share my thoughts.
This kpop blog is for sharing thoughts and dreams, both old and new. A swedish and perhaps scandinavian fan view on the Hallyu of South Korea, the impact it has on our lives and how it can change the way how we see the world.
If it is fun, the blog will live on. The name of the blog refers to the fact that the writers consider the pop culture of east asia with it’s idols, to be a significant part of the entertainment scene of the future world.

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