To the Beautiful You – Thoughts after episodes 1-2

August 18, 2012 § Leave a comment


That pretty much sums up my feelings for this drama so far. But honestly, I’m not complaining. This is a drama to watch for the lulz, for ridiculous amounts of ridiculously handsome young men, for cheesy CF-styled camera shooting, for the unfolding of a storyline one already knows, and for Sulli in drag. I knew this beforehand, and wasn’t expecting much more – and so far, I haven’t gotten much more, either. The things that have surprised me up til now are the following (no spoilers, really):

  1. The dorm captain for dorm 2 is really hot in a sporty, normal, guy-handsome way, and I like it, with my liking it being the surprise of this.
    Brb, identity crisis.
  2. The interiors of the school are fantastically, hilariously horrible! Here just as in the jdrama version. I love ugly and super-expensive interiors in these kinds of over-the-top dramas.

    So who is your decorator? Can I have their number?
  3. EXO-K performs at the school party. This made me laugh out loud both because, damn, SME aren’t exactly subtle about how much they own this show, and because of a boy-band performing at an all-boys school – fuck yeah, shojo dreams! It’s pretty awesome how shamelessly the show is aiming at a teenage girl audience.

    Just you know, casually performing by the pool

I will probably continue to watch this show, but don’t expect any deep analyses of it.


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