Key, Dazzling Girl

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This awesome man. ♥ SHINee Japanese comeback Dazzling Girl on October 10th.

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1997, I’m not over you

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Along with the recently watched and amazing episodes of Answer Me, 1997, I’m momentarily drowned in nostalgia over my own years in high school, which just happens to be almost the exact same ones as for the characters in the drama, I’m just a little bit younger. I remember most of all the feelings. Falling in love, the first real girlfriend, disappointments and also, kissing a guy for the first time…

But even though I was good at falling in love, I kind of sucked at being in relationships and most of them ended abruptly and not so nice. Thinking back at them now many of them still hurt a little bit and perhaps, just perhaps, I’m not quite over the relationships of those years yet. Even if I now almost forgot the people who were the objects of interest.

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Best Fanservice Ever

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Pictures are surfacing of Changmin and Kyuhyun reenacting their duet from SMTown LA, but with Taemin in drag instead of some white girl. YES. BEST FANSERVICE EVER!!!!!!!!


To the Beautiful You – Thoughts after episodes 1-2

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That pretty much sums up my feelings for this drama so far. But honestly, I’m not complaining. This is a drama to watch for the lulz, for ridiculous amounts of ridiculously handsome young men, for cheesy CF-styled camera shooting, for the unfolding of a storyline one already knows, and for Sulli in drag. I knew this beforehand, and wasn’t expecting much more – and so far, I haven’t gotten much more, either. The things that have surprised me up til now are the following (no spoilers, really):

  1. The dorm captain for dorm 2 is really hot in a sporty, normal, guy-handsome way, and I like it, with my liking it being the surprise of this.
    Brb, identity crisis.
  2. The interiors of the school are fantastically, hilariously horrible! Here just as in the jdrama version. I love ugly and super-expensive interiors in these kinds of over-the-top dramas.

    So who is your decorator? Can I have their number?
  3. EXO-K performs at the school party. This made me laugh out loud both because, damn, SME aren’t exactly subtle about how much they own this show, and because of a boy-band performing at an all-boys school – fuck yeah, shojo dreams! It’s pretty awesome how shamelessly the show is aiming at a teenage girl audience.

    Just you know, casually performing by the pool

I will probably continue to watch this show, but don’t expect any deep analyses of it.


Kim Heechul, my hero (alt. title: Kim Heechul and Hero)

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When I came home last night, I had decided to refrain from turning on my computer and just check my phone before going to bed. However, when I did so, I found that Elin over at Dancing on Our Own had sent a link to this tumblr post, asking Lars and me if we knew anything more about the photo.

Yes. That is Kim Heechul of Super Junior, a band under SM Entertainment, and Kim “Hero” Jaejoong of JYJ, currently in conflict with said company.

Naturally, I had to turn on the computer to go online and do some investigation work, and before long, I found this post saying it’s real and recent, taken sometime during the last year. I almost started crying.

I was already beyond thrilled when Heechul and Jaejoong started following each other on Twitter in April, and I wondered a lot about what was going on, why they could do this, how it had happened. I imagined them bumping into each other at some bar, slightly drunk, and just laughing at it all and deciding to follow each other on Twitter, starting right there on the spot. I have no idea if this is actually what happened, but what is Fandom if not daydreams and fantasies? In any case it reminded me of why Heechul is my original (though not at the moment most prominent) bias: The prettiness might have drawn me in, but what made me stay was his originality and courage beyond words, the personality that always keeps me guessing. Yes, the courage. How he continued to support Hangeng even after he left SME, and now appearently Jaejoong, even though Heechul himself has stayed in the company and even renewed his contract not that long ago. (And considering the well-known close friendship between Heechul and Yunho of DBSK, I can’t even begin to think about how this may affect all the YunJae shippers out there…)

I think what these kinds of acts and pictures do to me is that they give me hope that the idols actually are more than what they are made into, and that they can to a certain extent escape the hands of their companies. And if someone is to go against his company, it’s Kim Heechul.

I wonder if I’ll ever get wtf is going on in the Idol World. I don’t think so. But maybe some day it will become at least a little clearer to us at least what happened just now. Until then: Heechul and Jaejoong, stay strong!


Answer Me, 1997 – Thoughts after episodes 1-4

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I had been wanting to watch the new Korean drama 응답하라 1997, translated to respectively “Answer Me, 1997”, “Reply 1997” or “Answer to 1997” (sigh), for a couple of weeks before I actually found subtitles for it. The first four episodes are subbed and can be streamed from KimchiDramas as well as DramaCrazy and since I’ve caught a cold, I don’t feel the least guilty about having stayed home watching them instead of being out in the nice summer weather. Actually, that’s rather fortunate for me, because this far it’s a great drama that I have enjoyed a lot, even though I realize that it probably would have appealed to me even more and in other ways if I’d had a different upbringing.

I honesly don’t know that much about how any of the Korean countries were during the 90’s. For example: since I have read a little about Confucianism and its influence on Korea, I could guess why girls and boys had separate classrooms even during the same class at the same school, with the teacher going back and forth between the classrooms, but I absolutely had no idea that it was still like that back in 1997. Same goes for how the teenagers in the drama speak in hushed voices about things imported from Japan – I did know that Japanese-Korean relations were even frostier back then, but it’s one thing to know it and a whole other thing to see it played out in a drama.

I also don’t really have that much knowledge of 90’s Korean idol bands (it would feel strange calling them kpop idols, considering how kpop hadn’t been coined as a term back then) beside some basic knowledge gathered mostly as a consequence, and I have never been a teenage boyband fan.

But I can still relate to the show. Because more than anything, this is a show about being a teenager, with all the pains and troubles that holds. Even though my pains as a teenager weren’t exactly the same as the characters’ of this show, I can still relate to them.


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My mothers K-pop favourites

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Last week I was on a holiday with my family, eight people all in all to one of the big islands off the swedish coast.

Since we had two cars and me and my mother started off and ended our journey at the same place we traveled in the same car. The thing is, that my mother had arm-surgery this summer so she can’t drive at the moment. Therefore this was on my duty, single turn 730 kilometers… As I was the driver I got to choose music for most of the ride, I choose K-pop. These two tracks are the ones my mother really liked out of the mix I played.

Quoting her:

“when music is good, it’s just good”

My mother has really great taste don’t you think?

So proud

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