Boybands and city lights

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I just got home from my brother in laws birthday drinks in down town Stockholm. I had to leave early due to work in the morning, though most people have taken tomorrow off because of national holiday on May 1st. As I also live kind of down town and since Stockholm is small I decided to walk home in the warm pre-summer night. Stockholm City is a favourite to walk in at night and this evening was just as beautiful as ever. Slowly, watching the people out in the streets and at bars with Infinites Nothings Over playing in my ears. It actually kind of felt like that, like nothings over and something great is just about to start.

And I wonder what Key is doing at the moment.

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Doradoradora doradoradora

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This might be their best looking video so far. Kevin never looked as good before. Also, I like the little tapping dance.

U-kiss ♥

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Epic Fangirl Moment pt. 2

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I started watching the fancams from SHINee Arena Tour in Japan because I wanted to see the weird little movie they’d done. And although the movie itself was awesome, what made the deepest impression was rather the fangirls in the background. Their weeping, groans, desperate crying out for their favourite members and general sounds of complete dedication made me both creeped out and jealous. They sound like they are completely losing themselves in a way that feels so far away from me and my way of life. But when I watch the fancam as if I were standing in the audience, I feel like I come just a little bit closer to seeing the world through their eyes.

Are those the eyes (and the sounds) of a real fangirl?


Assimilating western culture

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There’s a feeling of circular movement as I stand in the audience on the evening of Super Show 4 at Zenith de Paris.

Most of the people present are not in any way fluent in Korean, some of them might not know a single word of the language, but as fans of this Kpop group we have worked hard to incorporate the music and lyrics of the Korean pop songs performed this evening into our lives. We are all able to sing a long to the lyrics and we almost know what they are about. Fans might do this out of love and passion, but it still is hard work doing it. To grasp the meaning of lyrics, jokes and meaning of everything going on the stage takes time. It’s fandom on a hell of a serious level.

Many of the fans has also added gestures, sounds to display emotions and words to every day life that in some ways could be described as Korean. My own way of expressing feelings, I must confess, sound like something out of a K-drama from time to time. And when I for the first time watched Super Juniors version of Song Gol Maes A Chance Encounter I started learning about, and burried myself in older Korean rock and pop music.

Super Junior on the other hand has also worked hard as hell, with assimilating western culture into their performances. And of course, why not. Even if Kpop is on the march and spreads over the globe it is but nothing in comparison with the pop cultural grip the western world still holds on the planet. There for, it is perfectly natural that most of the performances in Super Show has an aura of  west surrounding it.

At the beginning of the concert, as the MV intro is shown, Super Junior grow wings, shoots out of water and flies in over a city landscape. Is it Seoul, Tokyo, Shanghai or some other extremely cool and urban city in East Asia? No the city is of course New York, the symbol of western and all the worlds modern culture.

At one point all of the members comes in on stage dressed in costumes. Shindong as Britney Spears, Kyuhyun as Steve Jobs, Sungmin is Marilyn Monroe, Yesung Chuckie, Leeteuk Hulk Hogan, Donghae Charlie Chaplin, and so on. Parts of western pop culture used by Super Junior while performing all over Asia, and now also by doing so in Europe, stuffing it with a bit of new context . What is Charlie Chaplin really to the Super Junior members?

Every member also gets to do there own solo, and most of them are remakes of western global pop songs. Leeteuk, the leader of Super Junior plays a bit of Chopin but then moves on to a performance of SHE. Kyuhyun imitates Stevie Wonder and performs Isn’t she lovely. And I for one never really cared for Moves like Jagger before Ryeowook started doing this track as his solo performance at SS4.

The exchange of cultural understanding is almost laughable. How very strange and wonderful this world is.

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Shim Changmin

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I obviously think a lot about fangirlism, being a fan of a real, living person, and being a fan of the persona a real, living person adopts as an idol. I think about life choices, secrets and admiration. I think about reality, day dreaming and what desire or attraction means. I think about what it would be for me to actually face an idol.

One of my favourite idols all time is Shim Changmin of DBSK. I watched this video yesterday, and thought about how Changmin’s also one of the most beautiful people I know of. But I have always had problems with that. One reason for that is that he is so much of a guy; there isn’t really any (to me) visible ambiguosity or blurred lines when it comes to that. Another is that though he – almost ten years after debuting – is almost perfectly trained at being an idol, I don’t think he’s very comfortable with it. He seems, in many ways, to actually wish for something else than his idol life. I have, at a couple of times, tried to explain the unease I feel at the thought of meeting him as a fan meets an idol as something that comes of him being to real to me for that. But tonight, when I rode my bike home after having spent an hour or so with two people who have actually seen him in person and could definitely tell me that it really was like meeting a star, I realized that it’s not about him being real to me. No. That’s not the problem. The problem is that I actually wished he were, and there is something in that, that makes me very vulnerable or maybe even slightly pathetic, and something I’m very, very uncomfortable with.


More of Kpop in Paris

April 11, 2012 § 3 Comments

If you happen to be in Paris and also to be a fan of Kpop, there are atleast one adress you have to visit. Why? Because there are not that many other places in Europe to buy Kpop cds and merch in shop.

The nearest Metro stations are Porte d’Ivry or Porte de Choisy and the adress is 44 Avenue d’Ivry, then take the stairs to the first floor. TAI YOU and Musica are both shops with a surprisingly wide range of CDs, posters, stickers and other important things for a Kpop fan. Both me and my friend bought at cushion with f(x) Amber as the print! I also bought a SNSD poster from the repackage version of The Boys and a pin that says I ♥ Key.

Would have bought more if I had room in my luggage, Guess it gives me reason to go back to Paris soon. If you want more pictures from the Super Sow 4 weekend in Paris, go to our Facebook page and have a look at the album Kpop in Europe.

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