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March 29, 2012 § 1 Comment

I sometimes think of my life as an ocean, turbulent and quite dark. The troughs are anxiety, that you all of the sudden gets thrown out of. Up and down. A little bit like Disney cartoons from the thirties that falls into the sea. The struggle that follows to reach the shore. And the euphoria as I get thrown out of the troughs is amazing.

As I think of this, K-pop emerges in my head.

Because sometimes, it feels just as if the more processed and mechanical music is, the more of peace, tranquility and joy it can provide my life with

It wont play with feelings of anxiety.

It provides order and gives power.

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One year of The Future

March 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

Hi, this is Mis. Well, actually, the name is Tina – Mis is just a family nick name as well as a play on my old screen name Mästerkatten i stövlar (Swedish name for Puss in Boots, although it literally translates to “The Master Cat in Boots”). When this post gets published, one year will have passed since my first post on this blog, but I’ll be internetless in the northern parts of Sweden, so I’m writing this beforehand.

I first met Lars, the owner of this blog, as a friend of my then-boyfriend. To be honest, I remember our first meetings as distinctly awkward. I was just seventeen and a little in awe at the boyfriend for being a twentysomething university student, and Lars was someone that even he looked up to. At that time, I of course had no idea that more than four years later Lars and I would be standing at a party having an extremely interesting discussion about k-pop, fandom and… Key? Heechul? Probably both. At any rate, after that party, we decided that I should try writing for his recently started k-pop blog. I did, and as he didn’t hate what I’d written, I continued writing. If you do read this blog fairly often, you have probably already noted that we both often relate very personally to things going on in the industry, or even sometimes use it as tools or filters for looking at ourselves and our own lives. This quickly made our discussions on k-pop pretty revealing of us as people, so with time we gradually grew closer as friends. Now we talk almost every day, not only about k-poprelated things but also other stuff important in our lives. I don’t mean to be cheesy, but that is a truly treasurable thing. He has also introduced me to other people to whom this is just as important as to him and me. I’m really glad for that too.

I am also extremely unused to share this kind of fangirlism with people around me. I always had friends who liked, say, Harry Potter or manga; some even really liked it a lot – but very rarely in the same obsessive and emotional, yet (self-)aware, (self-)analyzing and (self-)criticizing way as I. Most other things I’ve been interested in and shared that interest in with others have also been things I’ve been pretty unconfident in, such as videogames and literature. K-popfandom can sometimes be very lonely, especially since it leaves you wondering about “real people” that you can’t really control or get close to. Yet, I think I feel less lonely in this fandom than others. And to know that I have this space for processing and sharing at least some of my very, very many thoughts on the weird place called k-pop means a lot to me.

The Future is Idol might not be the biggest k-pop blog on the Internet, but we sure are one of the best! And I am so happy to be a part of that. FIGHTING!

A wonderful macro I don't remember where I got it from.

Give it up give it up give it up for SHINee

March 22, 2012 § Leave a comment

Going to be without Internet for days but right now I’m watching the Sherlock on a bus in Lappland because I have Internet just on this ride and if I weren’t surrounded by people, I’d probably be all over the place spazzing and possibly crying. Now I can just hold my breath to not start shouting. So much is lulzy, or cheesy, or idk – but so much is awesome, too.


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March 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

SHINee, they are back with a lot of songs that I don’t know if I like yet. But it’s possible I might do. Here I would like to present the highlights so far. In the order I like them right now.

The Reason



MV Teaser is also released

Might need to reupload these links soon, but as a start. Not the complete success, but eons from bad.

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Tears, you fuckers

March 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

I find it very interesting that I become nostalgic and start to cry over things from as late as 2009. A couple of hours ago this happened after watching the epic Again & again with 2PM.


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The Recurring Key

March 11, 2012 § 2 Comments

Last night we were at a party and kind of drunk when the Sherlock teaser of Key suddenly had been released.

Maybe it was because of the wine, or maybe the late night, but I almost started to cry. Why? I don’t have a clue. When it comes to Key this is nothing rare. But I was in many ways a very happy person. The photos are amazing and I am relieved.

Obviously I’ve been following the first and half naked photo teasers of Minho, Taemin and Onew from up and coming SHINee comeback with an enormous ammount of interest. But since Key is the one member I really have an interest in, this day is what I’ve been waiting for. Scared as hell for what his photos would look like.

Ever since the album name Sherlock leaked I’ve been making connections between this comeback and the contemporary BBC tv-series Sherlock. This since I just watched some episodes of the series, with more then one hint of lgbt and by far the best adaption of Sherlock Holmes I’ve seen. The connections kept growing stronger as Jonghyun posted a picture of Benedict Cumberbatch(Sherlock himself) on twitter, and the Onew teaser pictures had a scent of the series in haircut and colors. The anticipation of the SHINee comeback just kept growing stronger on me, and everyone else around. Key and Sherlock, the greater things in life.

There is of course a million things to say about these half naked photos and sexualization of idol industri men and women, about their bodies and the concept of them. And by being a fan, I do in some aspects take part in these circumstanses, I can’t swear myself free. I will on the other hand keep myself from trying to say everything at this moment.

No one should read this though thinking that I just accept and consume everything. When Taemin is put half naked in an armchair with his boyish physiognomy and puts pieces of fruit into his mouth there is no part of me that finds it attractive, wether he looks like he might want to kill someone or to sleep with them, but it’s there and can’t be ignored. The pictures and the concept are also kind of brilliant, but that’s another part of the story.

Ages ago, back when Lucifer was released, some of the biggest fuzz was concerning the muscular bodies of Jonghyun and Minho. They had become “men” as they had gained the perfect chocolate abs and connected masculinity with the perfectly defined bodies of the group. These were not the only visual aspects of their Lucifer comeback that people kept talking about (Key, Taemin and Onews hair anyone?) but they were significant and followed a long line of comebacks by male groups with new and ripped bodies. Over these last years, the male idol groups have been closely linked to this constitution as in becoming real men. Because being a real man was becoming increasingly more and more important for these idols.

This time the SHINee members seem to be slimmed down, and they are going for sex with a boyish twist.

I do not in particular prefer any of these concepts, the manly sexual version or the boyish one, they are a part of the industry, the idea of boybands and of this group, hard to leave them out if you have an interest. Maybe just this: If you make someone look young and would add sex, there is nothing to it that gets me going.

Therefore it would be crazy of me not to become happy when awsome pictures are released of my favourite Key. He stares straight into the kamera and looks like someone he could actually very well be. A man in bed with a camera.

It’s not as simple as I don’t see beauty and sex in these pictures and keep myself from getting affected. I  try to keep it cool though and deal with feelings as or if they occur.

I’ve been thinking about this for a day or two now and I still don’t know what part Key would play in the BBC series if he got a chance. But apart from the recurring roles, the queer dominatrix Irene Adler from “A Scandal in Belgravia” is my absolute favourite. The one person except Jim Moriarty that never leaves Sherlocks mind…

/The Future is Idol


March 11, 2012 § 2 Comments

I know there will be better blogging about Key’s teaser photos for SHINee’s Sherlock comeback here later, but before I leave home to go studying, my fangirl self needs to post something on it. Therefore, have the lame pun above and this Sherlock ovaries explosion gif:


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