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I’ve gotten into drama mode again. I think it is because I started watching The Moon that Embraces the Sun and Shut Up! parallely, and then just couldn’t handle waiting for them, so I got started on What’s up? (which I highly recommend, though it’s sometimes a bit too intense for me so I can’t watch that much at a time, lol) and now Padam Padam as well. They’re weird, these times of drama crazes – I feel like I’m slightly disconnecting from the so-called real world, but at the same time, for some reason it’s like everything is speeding up right now and I keep moving around in reality as well. Moving really fast, actually. I don’t know. Shit is getting real in my life, so maybe that’s why I need to go hide in a bubble for some time every day.

Anyways. I’m just at the third episode of Padam Padam and it’s an uncomfortable thing to watch, but seems really good – I wish I’d watched it when it aired. But I feel a bit weird about how attractive Kim Bum is in Padam Padam. Appearently he lost 11 kilos and worked out like crazy, which I guess is the reason he’s hot all of a sudden. How depressing is that? I could accept my thinking like this (though feel a bit guilty about it) if it had just happened naturally, like if he’d suddenly grown up and lost baby fat or something. Or if it were an action drama and he’d just accidently become fit from working out for the action scenes. But he dieted and worked out so much that he had to go to hospital? And still he’s so beautiful, and still it’s the first time I’ve thought that way about him… I hate myself a little. And I’m not putting any semi-nekkid pics here though there is a lot of shirtless scenes in the drama. No, okay? What’s Google for anyways?

Can’t wait for Shut Up! ep. 9 and 10 that will air this week though. Arghh. And please no extensions for Moon & Sun! I don’t want it to slow down again.




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She is amazing

New album out now.

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This is MissA.

If you forgot about them you don’t deserve to be here.

The MV is to die for. I’m going to die if I keep watching it. The MV that is.

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A blow at fabrication

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The question on fabrication of idols came up yesterday at the lecture. This is something good. There should always be a discussion on these matters. Today there is once again an article in the biggest swedish newspaper about Lana Del Ray on this very subject. Is she real och just a product of someone?

I both want and do not want to write about this.

My life consist of, has always consisted of different roles. Which ones have I been able to choose myself? Quite early I discovered that I wasn’t allowed to be exactly the person I wanted to be, no one is I think, but there were characters quite close at hand. Especially as a teenager, and I still carry the traces of being the most awkward person ever. I became the intellctual, the indie pop guy, the glam boy and so on… These roles were quite ok since I did not want to be pointed out by others as the nerd, the asperger or the feminine guy. I have always and strongly had the need to be decided by myself, not by others.

Despite this I’m in a situation where I get more and more framed into something by people. People that are doing it out of benevolence. Describing who I am and gives me the epithet of a kpop guy, a loner. Or of me being gay, because they can’t stand not knowing exactly. The question on fabrication is closer to reality then many people seemingly understand and this is why for example Kpop fits well in my every day (imagination of the) world.

What part of Key is the real stuff, and to whom is this important at all? I for one keep making my very own version of this man over and over…

Thanks to Mis for discussing this, putting up with me and the tip for the best swedish tumblr. at the moment.

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Nothings Over (except today)

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I was walking through a corridor at the museum today, making my way up some stairs to find my sister and my niece, who were lost in the building far away from the lecture hall. A couple of girls and boys, clearly on their way to our upcoming lecture, passed me by and at the moment they did, one of them whispered Onew t-shirt” ( in swedish thats is) to her friend, referring to my h&m t-shirt, the same model as the one Onew once wore.

My heart took a jump at that moment and suddenly I realized that there was actually going to be an audience listening to us this day that loves Kpop just as much as we do.

I did not dare in advance to imagine what kind of crowd that would be interested in listening to us during the Korean Day at the museum, but as we stepped through the doors and saw what kind of people that were present my head started spinning. Who would be the audience? Would anyone show up for the lecture at all later on that day?

As I found my sister and we headed back to the lecture hall the girl who made the comment and her friends remained in my head. Moments later I was standing at the front of a crowded room with people that had their focus on us, and all I could think of was that I desperatly wanted these girls and boys to understand how much I, we love Kpop, that this is not just a subject of examination but a deep love. That we were just random fans that by accident happend to get a chance to do this crazy thing. That I also cry over my idols and keep them in my head even when I sit at my office desk…

We ended the lecture by playing parts of kpop MVs that we love and felt representative for the scene and us. It included parts of I am the Best, Sorry Sorry, Step, Nothings Over and How We Feel. And even though Sorry Sorry is my most precious Kpop memory of all time and I listen to the song and watch the MV frequently, at the moment it is actually another one of these MVs that are closest to my heart:

This Saturday is finally over, thank god I can realx for the first time in a week. But everything else just keeps going and this is somethng good. Tina, Elin and Johanna, thank you for being around.

And a big thank you to everyone who showed up today!

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February 18, 2012 § 2 Comments

I need to get some Shut Up! Flower Boy Band spazzing out of my system. In case someone haven’t seen the latest episode and don’t want to know what happens, I’m going to put a picture right here, one of a sleeping Byung Hee, so I don’t accidentally spoil episode six for anyone. But don’t keep scrolling. Image

OK, I’m going to start the real blog post now.


K-dramas aren’t exactly known for their sexy kisses. We’ve all seen them: “kisses” that pretty much just consist of the characters pressing their faces together so their lips touch. Hence the possibility of someone falling onto someone else counting as a real kiss, I guess? The setting can be perfect, romantic and awesome in all ways, but there’s just no action, and having started to see the k-drama kisses as symbolic rather than realistic, I don’t expect anything more. To be honest, I’m pretty relieved that I don’t have to sit through annoying sequences of people eating face – I still get the tension of the build up, and its release. So when I see a drama kiss that actually looks like a kiss, I first do my regular starry-eyed “omg they kisssss, yay!” pose and then I go like “WHAT, THEY KISS FOR REAL??”

Yesterday, that happened again. I decided to ditch the stuff I should actually have been doing and watch the latest Shut Up! Flower Boy Band episodes. Having been too busy to keep up with related Internet stuff, and for once being so intrigued with the drama itself that I didn’t simultaneously keep checking one or more recaps to get other inputs on what actually happened (I tend to do that; a horrible habit), I totally wasn’t expecting that kiss. When Soo Ah confessed her feelings, I thought Ji Hyuk would reject her even though he didn’t actually want to, just because it’s a drama – we’re just in episode six! When Ji Hyuk intertwined his hand with Soo Ah’s, I thought he would get interrupted – we’re just in episode six! When he leaned in, I started hoping I’d been wrong, but what I did not expect was for the kiss to be a Real Kiss. Even mutual! Soo Ah closed her eyes instead of widening them in shock! AWW YEAH! I was just so happy that I decided not to go into the topic of chastity and gender roles in k-drama at the museum today. Just having seen a kiss like that, that would just have felt wrong.

Shut Up! Really hasn’t lost ground yet. It was a little slow during some parts of episode three, but that was quickly made up for in episode four. It keeps messing with my expectations, and I’m really grateful for that. I’m still a little wary that it’ll get less good with time, but let’s hope it doesn’t. I like how things aren’t secret for too long just to drag out the story, I like that the second female lead isn’t the cliché second female lead at all, I like how Seung Hoon is totally sympathetic but just as prejudiced as he’s bound to be, I like Soo Ah and Ji Hyuk so much as characters and now when the light of Byung Hee isn’t as blinding anymore, I hope we will get to see even more character development for the rest of the band.

Source: Starcraft

I also can’t make a blog post about a kiss without saying something about the epic Sungjong/Sungyeol (note the order) kissing fancam from the Infinite concerts. The kiss actually looks pretty passionate – way more passionate than the original Trouble Maker kisses as well as most k-drama kisses. To be honest, I had lost some interest in Sungyeol thinking he was just a funny guy, whatever, even though Sungjong’s recent manliness had got me pondering again (gender as something made rather than something natural, etc, swift as a coursing river, blah blah). But when the funny guy gets put in a dress and the girly guy demonstrates his manliness by giving him this super-dominating, passionate kiss, all the while both looking 100 % serious? It’s fanservice with so many layers of queerness I get all dizzy. Here, have a gif for that too.

Sungyeol, Sungjong, Soo Ah and Ji Hyuk: Get it, get it, get it, get it!


Edit: OMG how could I write episode four when I meant episode six all along? Idk, fixed it now anyways.

See Us, Hear Us, Meet Us.

February 16, 2012 § 2 Comments

This upcoming Saturday the 18th, me and Mis will be at the Museum of Far Eastern Antiqiuities in Stockholm together with the writers from Dancing On Our Own. From half past three you can hear us talk about Kpop, Hallyu and other interesting things concerning South Korean pop culture, for an hour.

We are so happy being given this chance among all the amazingly dedicated Kpop fans in Sweden!

Come join us!

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