Stockholm, November. Yeah…

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Sometimes I desperatly try to force myself to write stuff and usually it does not work out well. To run a blog goes from epic happiness to total depression over and over again. To share my thoughts turned out to be one of the best things I ever could have done, but to get them down on paper… Seriously, this is learning by doing, constantly.

I am actually one of those people who really like the autumn and I will never ever complain about this part of the year, but the autumn is turning into now winter and Sweden is pitch black for most of the day. Most of all, I am working harder then I ever have done before in my life.

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The Making of A Superstar

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So I just watched the fancams of Ryeowooks performance at Super Show 4. I had read about it in fan accounts and worried that I would cringe at Ryeowooks sudden sexiness. That man has always had a cute image, and he didn’t enter SME for his looks or his dancing, but for his voice. He always mentions non-showy ballad singers as his rolemodels and idols, and studied composing and piano in school. All and all, although his image seems to have changed a little during these last promotions, it could have been a bit of a gamble for him to put on a sexy image like this.

But it turned out to be really awesome. Just watch it:

Over the time that I’ve followed Super Junior, I’ve gradually become fonder of Ryeowook. He’s not really one of the artists that make me go HNNNG!!!!!!!1 but I like him to the point that I would say that he is one of my favourite SuJu members. One of the reasons is just his sweetness (combined with sudden displays of evil) and his undeniable nerdiness. And I usually don’t like these kinds of displays of charismatic, manly sexiness – I often suspect that their performers were teenage bullies that just keep getting attention from girls. But this time, I was happy for him. Has he hoped to do something like this for a long time and not gotten to do it because of his image? Has he simply not dared? But although I did ask myself if this was really something he wanted to do, I would be surprised if it weren’t. I was happy for the high school nerd who only had female friends, who dated a girl for a year without kissing her, who was overweight as a kid and never really got to have a sexy or cool image until now. Ryeowook wouldn’t take sex appeal for granted, he’s earned it – and I feel like he deserved it.


The MV

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It looks really good, but I have to tell you, I do not at all understand this MV, I do not understand what happens when the men walks through the x-ray machine and one of them appears to be a Marilyn Monroe copy. Is Seo In Young disappointed that he is not manly enough or the fact that he didn’t tell her the secret outside the machine? There are screws standing up in some picture frames and they  jump to the music…

Have to go to work, enjoy meanwhile, more later!

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Not patient enough

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to wait for the MV, heh. Here it is, Oh My Gosh from newly released mini-album Brand New Elly.

This woman, she had me from WGM. How she managed to invent herself I do not know.

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Oh My Gosh Seo in Young. Oh My Gosh

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Epic teaser. 16th of November, comeback.

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In reality, it is actually the other way around

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Just recently, I found an interview in a Swedish history magazine concerning historical research about popular culture and what it can tell us about our society. The researcher interviewed, Eva Kingsepp at Stockholm University is at the moment studying how nazi germany is presented and used in our modern popular culture, in movies, games, novels etc.

When asked what the study of popular culture can contribute to the understanding of the fascination for Nazi Germany in todays society, she answers:

”Popular culture is often seen as something trivial, less urgent. In reality, it is actually the other way around – everything important in our culture is reflected by it’s popular culture. As we study the diffrent genres we are able to find significant perceptions of ethics and moral, and how they change over time. The popular culture affects us far more then any pure propaganda and furthermore, usually on a subconcius level.”

The Future is Idol is a blog that is aiming to do eaxactly this. By focusing on the modern popular culture of South Korea and to not just give you it’s latest news, we want to find truths and and unweil thoughts hidden within the boundaries of popular culture. At at the same time, kpop is a love affair of ours.





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The quoted part can be found in it’s original in the Swedish historical magazine “Populär Historia” on page number 10 in the ninth issue of 2011, and is written by Anna Larsdotter. We do not in any way try to take credit for it’s content and the translation was just made to prove our points regarding the importance of studying popular culture, such as in our case, Kpop.

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