A grown man

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Alexander Eusebio went to Malaysia with Brian Joo and 3rd Wave Music the other day. And suddenly he is back in the spotlight. I’m not that fond of the christian music project thing they are involved in, but looking back, it was probably the best thing that could happen to Alexander when getting kicked out of U-kiss.

It is a mature and serious version of Alexander that appears in front of us. The version who could be found even during his days with U-kiss but often disappeared under all the sillieness. Maybe he is also a bit cautious nowadays as he is burnt by experience. But it’s almost as if he wants to emphasize, quoting a line from old U-kiss track Not Young: “I’m a grown man”. And actually, I really hope that he will keep this image. Serious, fun and unique as almost no one else. Solo activities in Korea this winter, strange to imagine.

Parts of this vid is in english, so be patient. More to watch on YouTube.

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Bringing it on – THE BOYS MV

October 18, 2011 § 2 Comments

I have only watched the newly released “The Boys” MV about twenty times, so you can’t really be a hundred percent sure that I’m telling the truth just yet. But this time around, I’m floored by So Nyuh Shi Dae. The almost complete failure from this summer with the MV for japanese track “Bad Girl” is forgotten with this.

This is an explosive, mysterius, dead serious, and absolutely gorgeous comeback to the korean market(and to the world) that leaves me with a smirk on my face. But I have a feeling that not everyone will approve.

The concept of this MV is somewhat of a mystery to me though. But I guess that it is a concept in line with the concept photos released over the last couple of weeks, in which the women of SNSD are posing as fairytale-like, romantic figures. At the same time, they are putting on a really fierce show in this MV, that is not at all in line with compliant fairytale figures. I have never seen these women so cool ever before and there is a grown up appeal to this, that was chosen just in the nick of time.

SNSD are the ultimate fantasy for more then one person out there and there is something in this concept that is absolutely playing with that fact. Emphasizing the fantasy and perhaps also pointing it out by going from long romantic gowns to short minimalistic dresses. I don’t think that they deliberately want to question the fantasy they were created to fullfill as a group, but it is interesting to give this “fantasy concept” a second thought.

The set is classical Kpop style. Abstract futuristic diamond like patterns and shapes in grey, white and black. Not so much fun and nothing new, but beautiful and just what I wanted/needed from this group. I read somewhere that someone thought it looked both hasty and cheap but I believe, quite the contrary that this is a very well chosen and expensive set. The members look dazzling and every piece of clothing is gorgeous. They must have worked hard as hell to pull off the english version(look below for english MV), since not only the american members, but all of them have an almost perfect english.

Something I will never ever be able to appriciate though, are the thin, thin bodies of the members. Do not try to pull me the shit with asian women being smaller then others. Seriously, some of them look less then healthy, their company is really pushing it with the diets.

The track itself? No, it is not as catchy as some of their previous ones and it is certainly not cute(thank god). To include rap in a track by a group that has got nothing to do with the genre itself is a very dangerous thing to do, and it only works once in a while. I am on the other hand on of those people who kind of like it now and then.

When the male idol groups bring in a rap in their tracks I am almost always embarassed, when the girl groups try it I almost always like it a better. The girl groups often make it. Maybe because I have less an idea of how a female rapper should look and act, and far to many boring, dusty ideas of how male rappers should. Maybe because I am male myself. Or maybe just because the girl groups outshine the male ones in this matter.

So Nyuh Shi Dae are anything but rappers, but at the same time, they are not trying to prove that they are. Just emphasizing the lyrics by speaking them out clearly. Kind of like Super Junior did it in “Superman”, their least embarassing rap so far but the longest. Also, have this girl group ever had so few children-like voices in one of their songs as this one has?

There is a beat going through THE BOYS that is heavier then most things in this genre at the moment and that brings me the greatest joy. And after listening to it a couple of times, I am quite sure that this is by far one of their better releases up to this point. As a hit song? I really  don’t know at all, but as an anthem for a new So Nyuh Shi Dae it works more then quite well.

I do not understand how T-ara or Wonder Girls ever could outperform this in their upcoming comebacks.

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english version:

They gave us 15 seconds more

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So, a longer version of SNSDs “The Boys” MV teaser has been released. It looks even better then the first version. Hell yeah I’m nervous fot the full MV not being as good as the teasers. I want the 19th to come quicker then anything.

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Girls bring the boys out – but what about other girls?

October 14, 2011 § 11 Comments

SNSD(Girls Generation) released their 3rd teaser MV today for upcoming release “The Boys” on October 19th. I’m happy and not surprised to see that it looks better then ever. The lyrics presented in the teaser pretty much goes “Girls bring the boys out! And of course this is something that a lot of boys will like, I sure a s hell do, and SNSD are kind of created to be the dream of every boy. In a very problematic way though yet still.

But I tell you this: There are a lot of girls out there who are watching this MV teaser, thinking OMFG thats amazing(could also be in a very problematic way), and they don’t do it because they are jealous of SNSD and just want to be them or look like them. They do it because they think these women are hot, and in the very same ways as a lot of boys do.

I do so much wish that SNSD would sing a song to them as well.

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Rain in Metro Stockholm

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Not every morning the 40 minute subway ride to work make me smile out of happiness. But it happend this morning. On page 14 in todays Metro I suddenly discovered a face that I know very well, but not at all from swedish newspapers. Today, a small picture with explaining caption, of korean superstar Rain was featured in the paper. Due to the fact that he yesterday entered his mandatory army serivice for the following two years. This was of course something I knew very well, but through the internet and not something you can read of in a swedish newspaper. I guess Rain was featured as an example in the part of Metro World news sweep or something like that… But still, the picture was there, and it made me very happy. And I’m really not even a fan of his. The two worlds of mine, Kpop and work, collided for a moment and it was a very good start of this Wednesday. As I sat there with my silly smile I desperately wanted to tell someone exactly how amazing it was, but there were no one to tell. When I arrived at work I immediately told a colleague about this amazing occurrence. He smiled at me and answered: Thats really great Lars, very good. And I think he actually meant it.

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Why I Like You

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Yesterday was Sunday. And I woke up rather early in the morning with the help of my not yet four year old niece, whispering close to my ear: Your pillow is squashed, how can we save it? What can we do?. Over and over again. This was not at all a bad way to wake up even if I would have preferred a few hours of sleep to watching childrens tv and playing with wooden horses, but what to do if you aspire to be the best uncle there ever was?

But I am over all a seriously tired and stressed out person at the moment and I should probably rest more then anything else. Hopefully this is an ending period and I can se somewhat of a light in the tunnel. I will survive but at the same time I am completly neglecting my kpop passion and my writing. So except from my constant listening to kpop in my ipod, and updating on the latest news, there is not much room for my interest at the time being.

This Sunday clearly had more ups then downs, I ate lunch with my sisters family, and then stopped by at a friends shop on my way home through Stockholm and she informed me, by placing my hand on her stomach, that she and her boyfriend who is also a friend of mine, were pregnant with their first child. I stayed for a couple of hours talking the day away about children and stuff. Also a japanese friend of hers stopped by, and she and I got involved in a discussion about Kpop, plastic surgery, sexism within the entertainment industry and japanese-korean relations after the Second World War. Her favourite kpop group is Beast, her mother loves Jang Geun Suk. Very nice meeting her.

But as I returned home that evening I discovered that I could not find my glasses anywhere, and yes, obviously they were left on a desk at my sisters house. At this tired point of my life, even a small mishap feels like a big defeat and I wanted to cry for being so confused forgetting something as important as that. Picturing myself trying to make plans for next days lessons peering over the books at my kitchen table with an ever growing headache. I just had to go and get them, even if it would take me an extra hour.

As I walked through the hill park of my neighbourhood to the bus stop in the dark evening, I put on my playlist with the top fourty Super Junior songs I prefer.

Sometimes, I still get surprised by discovering how much I like Super Junior, how much some of their songs mean to me and how brilliant their 3d album Sorry Sorry from 2009 is. I don’t know what it is exactly, but some of the tracks on this album left me with such great impression back then, and formed my growing fanboyism.

I have a korean friend who says to me from time to time that he feels as if the massive mainstream pop music industry of modern korea is created to distract korean citizens burdened by political stagnation and financial worries. That kpop might have an underlying purpose to make you numb. Wihtout saying this is wrong, since I find the thought interesting and my friend is very wise, there is I think, something more to it.

While on that late Sunday evening bus ride through Stockholm I’m listening to Super Junior, a group that means so much to me and are responsible for a great deal of true feelings inside of me, and I sense that it is not just something that is making me numb. But rather responsible for my thoughts expanding in a way that I did not really knew possible.

“사랑해 사랑해 널 사랑해”

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