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소녀시대 – “The Boys” on October 4th.




Obsession – and an obvious sense of guilt.

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To be honest, I kind of gave up on this album even before it was released weeks ago.

After the dark winter and spring concerning U-kiss and my absurd loyalty towards them, or rather towards the fired member Alexander, I have not exactly been keen on updating around their whereabouts. I kept following Alexander, and in some aspects Kibum who is in the same position, even though he was never a favourite of mine.

I also kept thinking about what it must have felt like for the guys to be kicked out in a very harsh way as they were. Marked as “not good enough” in public by their own company, and I decided to block the company of U-kiss, NH Media out of my world.

Not long ago, U-kiss released released their new single and album Neverland, album cover as seen above, and I was happy to discover that I did not care that much for the single “Neverland”. I listend once or twice and then forgot about it all. The video looked dull and that made me even more happy.

Of different reasons I then, a couple of days ago I took another listen.

I was looking for something new and something fun and also, a new kpop-related acquintance of mine really liked Neverland and some of the other tracks on the album. U-kiss was just the obvious choice.

As a matter of fact, Kevin has never ever been this good, never sounded or looked better as he does in Neverland. Soohyun and Kiseop have both improved greatly, and the new guys (at least AJ) are not bad. I really like Dongho, but he is not possible to compare to the others, he is a star even if he just stands there, and he does not really fit with the others. Eli… they clearly removed the wrong rapper.

But seriously, this is Kevins moment, and in some ways I can really only accept this album because of him. He deserves all the support and all the credit, he has been killing the members in both Xing and U-kiss for many years  with his incredible talent.

Neverland MV has both it’s qualities and it’s down sides. The dance is amazing (Kevin again, dancing better then exactly everyone, watch dance version at 2:23, centre stage. omfg.), a crazy ass dance that is probably impossible for most people to even imagine how to perform. The costumes look ok, and better then most U-kiss costumes ever have looked before, if you forgive the momentary relapse with the white ones.

The song itself starts of in a way that I can’t really get used to, but turns into a powerful energetic dance pop track that has got me kind of addicted. On the other hand, the set of this MV is no fun at all, quite ugly at parts and leaves you with the question: Why are they dancing in a freezer? (credits to Julyssa for the wording).

An important lesson when it comes to kpop (for me at least) is also that the third listen to a track could be the difference between hating and, obsession…

This song, number nine on the album is written by AJ & Kiseop and it is perfect, nothing special, just a perfect track that I listen to over and over again.

So with a sense of guilt towards Alexander, my original favourite in the group and the first ever signed member of U-kiss, I kind of have to accept U-kiss back in my life. Hell, I will even by the album since the cover looks amazing.

But let’s all cheer for Alexander and support his comeback! Omg, it could be such a total fail even though he is the best.

/The Future is Idol – “this is my obsession”

OMFG Kyu Jong

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This is not really a news blog, though we obviously reflect on what’s happening within the Kpop scene at the moment.

Our emphasis has been on our feelings and thoughts surrounding our interest, how it affects us and how we try to make sense of it all. Just as Mis described herself in the previous post, I am also both a bit numb after Heechul leaving for the army, and have quite a lot to do at the moment. Recently also very disappointed with KARAs comeback which turns the numbness towards my interest into ice cold disinterest…

FOR A MINUTE OR SO, but then something wonderful is published, and it starts all over again.

Allkpop named boyband SS501s Kim Kyu Jong solo concept “Ice prince”, as if that would be even close to the first thing you were thinking of when seeing this picture (OMFG?)

This concept is, if not gender breaking (but it is) then atleast a hundred times more interesting then most of the stuff released at the moment. Maybe there is a bit of desperation to this, a bit over the top to get noticed.. Then again, who the hell really cares? If this is a way of presenting yourself that is appriciated by fans, then this is pure happiness. I am always and ever fed up with the cliché of the male idol(don’t even start me on my feelings concerning the female idols), with muscles and “oppa attitude”  that not all of them seem to handle that well in any case.

Kyu Jong could have released photos of a naked torso with chocolate abs, something that most male idols are tempted to do, but he didn’t. HE FUCKIN DIDN’T. With a heavy make up including lipstick, clothing that are nor male nor female and white beads around his neck, he certainly makes it to the throne of concept photos from 2011. I always had a bit of disinterest towards Kyu Jong even if he is quite the funny dancer, but there were certainly other people in the group that got more attention previously. That is changing as writing this.

So, Park Jung Min delivered one of the most interesting videos of 2011 with Not Alone(and an ok nosejob), Kim Hyung Jun gave us the epic track of oH aH with it’s amazing coreography,Kim Hyun Joong the over all Idol experience with his solo debut and Heo Young Saeng… well he is the one of them who can sing anyway, even if he tries his best to hide it from us. Kyu Jong is the last member of SS501 to go as a solo artist, and the photos from this comback catapults him to the very top for me.

SS501 is an intersting group. Named “plastic idols” due to their obvious change of physical appearence and as not really being a group at all for more then a years time. Also, they are certainly not my favourite group either, not enough great tracks is my main problem. Really funny guys though and this epic commercial cut is an all time favourite.

But 2011 has been good to SS501 and THIS is just to good.

Only now the track will be ok. And the MV not a hundred miles away from the photos. Actually, if Kyu Jong had decided to make a rerelease of Wuzz Up, from SS501 solo collection, no one would have been happier then me. I’m serious.

Androgynous is the word

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My singing Star

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It’s been almost three weeks since I went back to school and two weeks since Heechul went into army training. There has also been a lot of other stuff going on. During these last few weeks, I haven’t really followed the kpop music scene as closely as I usually do.

But on the other hand, I just fell back in love with a song that I was obsessed with last winter: Taru – I’ll be pretty (that’s how it translates, right? 0_o). Here you go:

I’ll get back to you with something more substantial when real life isn’t stealing as much time from my precious fangirling.


Movies in an hour

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The korean film festival in Stockholm starts today! Yey! Really excited and I’m, eh planning to see all five movies…. *crazy*


Joining me?

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JYJ – voices of sorrow. Get Out release.

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When you long for a comeback very much you can’t really focus on anything else, as the case was with Super Junior a month ago. The horror is, when the comeback is released, to find your favourite idols doing something you don’t really approve of. That’s a big part of the comeback circus.

This last month have been lost in so many feelings connected to my favourite artists that I have had a hard time focusing on what is up and coming when it comes to releases. And even though I know somewhere inside that JYJs album release 15th of September is just a week away, it was as if I had completely forgot about it for the moment.

So, I just got home from the gym discovering to my surpirse, a pre release of JYJs track Get Out from their up coming album In Heaven. I can’t say that this track rocks my world from the first listening, but on the other hand not at all bad. A comeback to approve of I would say. Also, the memories these three very special voices brings out in me… It’s almost to much.

After all that happend with DBSK, I can’t hear Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong without thinking about some kind of pain. DBSK always gave and still gives me a feeling of melancholy, JYJ gives me a feeling of sorrow, but some kind of beautiful version of it.

I could stop listening and shut them out from my life.

But as I just said to Mis, after Heechul leaving us for the army I desperately look for the best within the industry. And another thing I’m looking for are the idols that sometimes break the patterns of the industry, that tries to do something that makes THEM feel better, not just their company. Just like JYJ.  Mis asked me if it is some kind of longing for authenticity on my part. And even though I really don’t like the idea of it being true, maybe that is just exactly what it is….

/The Future is Idol – Oh my God sun!

Seoul-Stockholm – film festival and more this week.

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This week is THE week for everyone interested in South Korea and residing in Stockholm region. It starts on Thursday 8th of September at 18.00 hours with the opening of exhibition SEOUL SHOTS at gallery and shop THOMAS OCH KNIVEN in central Stockholm.

SEOUL SHOTS is a project made out of ten lives, ten cameras and ten days. Location,  Seoul. The aim with this project is to grasp the pulse of the asian metropolis of Seoul. Created by Johannes Palmroos, founder of the Korean film festival in Stockholm.

On Saturday 10th this week, the Korean film festival Seoul-Stockholm kicks of at Cinema Theatre Zita at Birger Jarlsgatan.

Five presumably great Korean movies, released within this year. Starting with Second Half at 15.30 Saturday 10th.

for complete program, press here.

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