So Cool – A new dawn for SISTAR?

August 6, 2011 § 7 Comments

No, I am not a fan of SISTAR, at all,  I want to make that clear to everyone before they start reading.

SISTAR has from the very start delivered some my least favourite coreographies in Kpop history. As an example, they almost always have a butt dance included that almost makes KARAs version of this concept appear like chastity itself:

But yesterday, almost as a joke, I watched the MV teaser for new SISTAR song So Cool with a friend. And we were both almost pleasently surprised:

There is something with this new teaser, maybe the fact that it looks a little bit more fun then just plain sexy that made us hope for a new start for girl group SISTAR.

The teaser starts out just as it always does, The members wear really short dresses and walk like models on a catwalk. Then, a whistle goes off and they start running like hell as hurdlers, but in high heels and dresses at the same time as they laugh and gives us a little feeling of happiness. All to a sound of electric guitars. Could there be something never before seen in this video?

The thing is, that this group, or rather it’s concepts I should say, is really pissing me off like no other over sexualized girl group ever has. I seldom use the word, porn in my writing, but to summarize SISTARs concepts I have no better description. Every time I come across their performances, the only thing I see are four girls with lots of talent, that has to do the exact same cheap looking sex-concept over and over for each and every comeback.

Examples: Hyorin is a part of variety Immortal Song 2 and har been praised for her singing abilities and Bora has been named Idol Athlete because of her highly atheltic scores in different variety show games, she is really cool. But even though they debuted in 2010 and have become quite popular this last year with their catchy tracks, they don’t seem to evolve at all while performing as a group on stage:

Do the fans really want this?

Maybe you think I’m a bit hard or perhaps unfair, SISTAR is certainly not the only girl group/boy band that tries to enchant us with their sexy appearence. But their production team seem to lack both the playfulness, the theatrical side, humor and a sense of conceptual distance that actually some of the other companies have embodied and understand how to work. I compare SISTAR to Rainbow, T-ara, KARA, 4Minute yes even SNSD, a group that sometimes balances on a thin line but seldom goes tacky. SME would rather go bancrupt then letting SNSD do this type of coreography. Luckily for me. All these are groups that evidently use their sexy appearence but I see more then just sex in them. Why? Is butt dance the only answer?

And I’m probably fooling myself, nothing will change with the new SISTAR MV. blah.

The best version so far found of SISTARs How Dare You, watch both! is this one from Key, with a little help from the rest of SHINee.

/The Future is Idol

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§ 7 Responses to So Cool – A new dawn for SISTAR?

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  • Kpoplover!
    Yes I saw the album release back then, sorry for my late reply and thank you for the tip, but I wanted to wait until the So Cool MV release before saying anything. My problem with SISTAR is not really based on their songsthat are avarage kpop stuff (with some exceptions perhaps) and also, SISTAR is not a high priority i my life.
    So the MV is out, it was probably their best so far but still terrible in my eyes. Tail dance? Seriously, it goes beyond my imagination, in a bad way.
    Thank you for taking your time writing a comment, I like comments. Hope to hear from you again.

    /The Future is Idol/L

  • jennie says:

    i don’t exactly know what “porn” you’re talking about. i don’t think the sistar girls are not the ones who don’t know how to have fun, i honestly believe you’re just a boring person. you need to appreciate real talent. not those other girl groups who have old members yet act like they’re in their teenage years by pulling off cute high school girls move.

  • Jennie, thank you for your comment.
    Well, it is quite ok for me if you think I’m a boring person if liking SISTAR and their concept is what will make me fun.
    As I wrote, I think it would be fun for the girls of this group if they would be allowed to release something without a tacky and extremly sexual dance. I don’t say this because I think that the girls of SISTAR are untalanted or don’t deserve a place in the spotlight. Quite the opposite.
    But it would be nice if they at some point, or should I say the company behind them would let them perhaps emphasize equal parts voice, coreography, sex and charisma. As many other groups do.
    I use the term porn since I do not have a better one to describe the coreographies presented to and by this group.
    I’m not the expert on SISTAR but both Hyorin and Bora seems to be very funny, talented and nice people as seen in varietys. But my opinion concerning the groups concepts won’t change because of this.

    You have got one thing completly wrong though, since one of the worst things I know is when idols “act like they’re in their teenage years by pulling off cute high school girls move.”
    But I do like idols that you perhaps would call “old”.
    Thank you very much for taking your time commenting!

  • Cindy says:

    I’m sorry, but I can’t really see how Sistar is sexual and definitely can’t understand how you can… Maybe because I’m from the U.S and here we have celebrities practically dancing in their underwear and havin’ sex on stage and MVs while singing about getting laid and partying and doing drugs? Hahahahha, SISTAR is not sexual, AT ALL dude, and if you think they’re just because of the butt dances and the short dresses you’re really lost….

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