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August 28, 2011 § Leave a comment

Why do the Korean groups keep giving us the most beautiful japanese ballads? SHINee just did it, or something… Maybe it is just japanese that fits well with this genre? I think I really like it, or perhaps I just miss SHINee(Key) and with this last weeks tears, tweets and drama surrounding Super Junior, this is what suites my ear at the moment.

Do you like?

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Challenges, channeling, and the man formerly known as Cinderella

August 24, 2011 § 5 Comments

It wasn’t unexpected. I’d been waiting for it. I knew that this was the year that Kim Heechul of Super Junior would go into the army. What I wasn’t prepared for was how hard it would hit me. I usually sort of side-eye fangirls who cry when their idols go into the army, but now I finally get it.

Right now, kind of complicated things have been going on in my life. I’m not going to get into exactly what’s happening, but I’ve had better reasons to cry than this: some guy who doesn’t know me doing some army-related office work/public servant thingy, instead of tweeting (this was before I realized that he might be able to continue tweeting, would he want to – but I wouldn’t be surprised if he decided not to, either), being on radio shows I need subtitles for and performing at concerts I can’t go to. Still, this was the first time in a very long time I couldn’t finish a meal and took the first opportunity I got to go home and get into bed to lie around under the covers and weep like a child.

But why do I react so strongly? Of course, I wouldn’t care so much about k-pop matters if it didn’t actually make sense to me. My interest is genuine, and my attachment to certain people in the industry isn’t something that just happens at random, especially not in the case of Kim Heechul, who is indeed a unique personality who I admire for many reasons and care about from afar. As previously mentioned, to me personally he also holds a special position for being one of the main reasons I fell so deeply in love (or just into) k-pop fandom. But I also suspect that my emotional attachment as a fan of certain things serves another purpose – one as a channel for emotions in general. I don’t think most people around me consider me a very emotional person, and I’m definitely not a drama queen. Still, this enlistment brought me completely out of the balance even I myself have been surprised at me having managed to keep. These two reasons, I managed to figure out for myself.

However, when I spoke to my mom about this, she made me realize even more how big an impact Heechul’s enlistment will have on my life, which actually made me feel at least a bit less annoyed over my own strong emotional reaction to it. My mother doesn’t know the full extent of my obsession, but she still wouldn’t judge me when I told her that even though I suspected that I wouldn’t have gotten so hardly hit by this event if there hadn’t been so much else going on, the thing that I could actually feel sad for was still the army enlistment of a Korean entertainer.  Instead, what she told me was something like this: “Well, it isn’t that strange. Even if you hadn’t cared for that person, you would still miss what he does. Watching him over the Internet brings you joy and relaxation and helps you escape reality when you need to, right? And now you will have to find something else to serve the same purpose.”

That’s right. And in a way, I probably will. But Heenim is irreplaceable – who will stir things up like he does? Who will question things as he does? Who will be the constant mindfuck that he is? Even if he told us not to, I will wait for him, no matter what kind of person he will be when he’s done being a public servant. Because even if he won’t have to shave his hair and do two years of actual military training (in a way I’m actually selfishly thankful for the accident that shattered one of his legs to pieces) spending time off from the entertainment industry usually changes people, and Heechul is not known for being consistant.

As for the reasons exactly why he’s so important for me, that’s something that I’ve been trying to figure out from the start. I’ll probably have to make another post, or a thousand, about that. Until then, I leave you with one of my very favourite fancams of Heechul (and terribly underrated SJ-M member Zhou Mi!), complete with really cheesy music and all.


Add up the stars we lost from the start and we’re 13

August 22, 2011 § 4 Comments

Today, the news of Super Junior Kim Heechuls enlistment in the army on September 1st reached us.

Since he is one of the main reasons we fell for Kpop, since he makes it possible for us to stand the worst crap and darkness in the entertainment business, since he is the strangest, and most unbelievably wonderful person there is, we will miss him in a way that is not possible to explain at this moment.

We will surely give it a try though over these up coming days.

Today the studio version of Superman for Mr. Simple version B was released, with it’s amazingly self centered, funny and romantic lyrics about being the best group with the most dedicated fans, hints of all the difficulties in the past and with it’s dramatic dark sound it fits this sad day perfectly. An era soon to be closing in. Please press play, listen and watch the english lyrics:

(press cc button in frame if not able to see the lyrics)

we love you Kim Heechul, the space you leave behind will be empty and dark.

사랑해요 김희철!우유빛깔 김희철!

/From us all at Future is Idol

The Future is Idol – six months anniversary

August 21, 2011 § 2 Comments

Today, six months ago I wrote my first blog post. The anniversary celebrations are quite modest, Me and Mis(thank you thank you thank you for all your wonderful work so far!!!)  will meet up for a cup of Soju and sugar of some sort, but I want to take this opportunity to thank all the readers for a great time so far, especially to the one’s subscribing and commenting. For sharing my agony, love and hope. You are the best, let’s talk even more in the future about or common interest. Thank You!

/The Future is Idol – An happy fanboy.


August 19, 2011 § 2 Comments

I’m tired after work, not ready at all and is supposed to leave the house for a small party at my blogging friends house in maybe less then an hour. Just Kpop, coreography, drinks and friends. Epic every time. As I was laying on my bed earlier trying to get myself together I wanted to find the perfect epic song that would make my day start all over again. Suddenly I found it in my head: JOJO!!!
So here I am, JoJo pumping from the stereo through my apartment. After playing it twice I already feel better.
SHINee, not really my favourite group, but have my favourite kpop group member(Key) and this is one of my favourite songs.

/The Future is Idol

The Future is Idol – Talk

August 15, 2011 § 4 Comments

About Key, hopes, and sexual orientation issues

So. We don’t just write a k-pop blog, we also have other interests in common and have become real-life friends who speak regularly. We talk about most kinds of things, but a lot of the time, we talk about k-pop issues – especially those we both think a lot about. Such as Kim Kibum, aka Key, of Shinee. And the other day this conversation turned out, in our opinion, nicely enough to (after cleaning it up a bit and translating it from Swedish to English) share it.

TFII: When will Key start recording tv-series? I spoke to Johanna earlier but then she went off to watch Jaejoong in “Protect the Boss”. It’s so unfair.

Mis: Yes, Key in a drama! Plz! Can he get to play a bitchy fashion magazine intern? Or something.

TFII: I’m just afraid that he can’t act at all. But yeah, exactly. He could play himself.

Mis: Or someone’s fragile son.

TFII: Oh. Yeah, all tuned down.

Mis: But no, I don’t think he’s made for acting, either.

TFII: What if he wins an award and gets to go to Sweden?

Mis: *claps hands in front of computer*

TFII: Wait, gets to go to Sweden? Haha… Why would he go here? To work with von Trier!?! Yes!

Mis: God, YES. Dying. That could totally happen. *wishful thinking*

TFII: Haha. Hey, this escalating Key-ism…

Mis: I know. Don’t know if I should feel like ಠ_ಠ or like ಥ⌣ಥ

TFII: Was it you or Johanna who watched clips of him speaking English today?

Mis: It wasn’t me. Hehe. Wait, somewhere on my computer I’ve got the perfect gif for this moment:

TFII: She likes him too, everybody seem to do so now. Kind of obvious, though, no matter which group it is, people are desperately catching at any ambiguous straw possible.

Mis: Yeah. I know. Everytime I google something Key-related, “shinee key gay” shows up as a suggested search and it just annoys me. I wish I didn’t care about the whole sexual orientation issue, but I do, even though I keep telling myself that it doesn’t matter to me.

TFII: Yeah, I know. Same here. It’s almost annoying. Or I mean, it is annoying.

Mis: Because 1) I should only care about people’s sexual orientation when it is of practical consequence to my love life, which unfortunately isn’t the case with, say, Key’s, and 2) Even if it had been a practical issue, it’s not like I haven’t overridden people’s love preferences before HEHEHE

TFII: I wish I didn’t care.



Mis: ARGH!!!!!




Mis: Sigh…

TFII: The last couple of weeks, I’ve been thinking that I should write something about Key, because I rarely do. Maybe I’m a bit afraid to.

Mis: Why is that?

TFII: I don’t know. He really has become sort of like the symbol of all this. And he’s so young, and I don’t know… sometimes I wonder if I’m crazy thinking so much about a nine year younger Korean idol.

Mis: We are probably both a bit crazy, but what the hell. There are worse kinds of crazy than this.

TFII: Aim for this autumn: Removing nothing from my life, just add what’s missing.

Mis: Good aim.

/Both of us

All of those who sing on Key

August 14, 2011 § 7 Comments

I mentioned earlier that I used to be a Morrissey follower, and that I’m still a fan. I’m not sure, though, of which proportions this liking was. But let’s say like this: The line Scratch my name on your arm with a fountain pen – this means you really love me didn’t only bring me to, for a long while, making sure that my arm always said “MORRISSEY”, but even drove me as far as to trying to take the line literally and actually scratch it with a fountain pen. However, this proved to be too painful, so I eventually stuck with doing it with just a pin and a marker pen. I still bear faint traces of this home-made tattoo on my left arm.

So when I saw that SHINee’s Key, one of my (and the owner’s of this blog) main k-pop obsessions, wore this outfit on stage on the Hallyu festival on August 13th, I went bananas.

SHINee’s stylist frequently dresses the boys in band t-shirts and I’m pretty sure that a lot of them are completely unrelated to their actual tastes. Like, I would be surprised if Taemin was actually a fan of the Ramones, and though we all know that if any of the members actually make sure to have a saying in what he gets dressed in, it’s Key, I’m not saying that wearing this t-shirt means that he does listen to Morrissey (and by the way, a lot of really awful people does, ngl). What I do say, however, is that I love seeing my worlds collide like this – and that I, knowing of course that I tend to project a great deal more on my idols than what’s probably true, have connected these men in my mind more than once. To some, the connection between a 20 year old mainstream entertainer from South Korea and a 52 year old British, grumpy bookworm vegan might seem a bit farfetched, but I don’t fully agree. Even though I for example appreciate Morrissey’s lyrics in a whole other way than I do Key’s (Get It On – LOLOLOL DIES TBH), parts of my fascination for them are the same. For, I guess, different reasons, and in completely different ways, they are both eccentrics and infuriatingly secretive about what’s actually going on with them. And when it comes to sexuality, they both keep us guessing.

Well, no matter what, Key sure looks good in that t-shirt. I would love if he also knew who’s on it.

Oh Key, you handsome devil.


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