Happy Birthday Yoona

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Today is Yoonas 22 birthday! She is young. If I had the time I would make her a birthday cake, but I have no time.


Love as the perfect theme of confusion

May 26, 2011 § 2 Comments

For every week that passes by the days get longer and Stockholm starts to loose it’s grip of time. In a couple of weeks the sun will only go below horizon for an hour and I wont know when to sleep and be awake any more. This happens every summer and it is just as strange every time. I get home late at night these days, there is so much to do but no time. Every day looses itself in a million things with no beginning and no end, this is always confusing for me.

I don’t know if I experienced a spring this lonely before in my life, it’s been fascinating and with a strange feeling of living far away from everyone else, even though I live in the very middle of the capital of Sweden. When finished after a day at work and at the library, there has been room for nothing but myself. The scary thing is, that I seem to make it quite well on my own, it really does not take much to make me satisfied the time that remains. In some ways, as I’m getting closer to thirty I have not been this much of a fanboy or a loner since perhaps the age of fifteen.

This is a bit confusing since I’m really the most social person there is most of the time, I thought. But the world has been orbiting around me for the last couple of months, with not much room for anyone else. My mind occupied and thus shutting everything else out, with a shield of music. The music of course mostly Kpop, and I walk the streets with a language I do not really understand, constantly ringing through my ears. Maybe this is a reason for me being able to shut everything else out and being satisfied in a bubble. Having Kpop in my life extends the dimension of a dreamy existence and even though I’m not even close to being in love for real, not even with idols, I haven’t felt this romantic and confused in a very long time.

“Everything’s coming back to me
Even though I tried so hard to forget”:

/The Future is Idol

Epic Fangirl moment pt.1

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I’m actually studying for the Swedish equivalent to finals, but during my lunch break today I watched this and now I feel that I have to make a short post on fangirls: We are, in so many ways, perverts. We objectify and we go crazy and we write “surprisingly explicit” (to quote Robert “Edward Cullen” Pattinson, who appearently once read a Jacob/Edward slashfic and was scarred for life) fanfiction and on our boards we’ll comment pictures of our idols or favourite characters with long descriptions of how our vaginas crawl out of our bodies to flop around on the floor, or a short and simple “and now I’m pregnant”, “brb changing panties”, “just get in me” or even just the very reoccurring gif below:

But I don’t know anyone who’s like that up front. At least I didn’t until I saw the girl in this video. She goes all out, AFK. Watch from 19:33. (WARNING: When I watched this video, I had to turn off the sound and pause every three seconds to not die out of second hand embarrassment. And when I’d finished, my face was wet with tears from blushing. OK, I’m really sensitive when it comes to embarrassment, but anyways.)

Her offer to take off her maid clothes. For SJ-M to wear them. Of course, her presents. And the little smile on her face when she tells them she wants Kyuhyun to open his present first – she knows exactly what she’s doing. Also, for her sake, I hope that she ships Qmi. I bet there’s really smutty slashfiction in Taiwanese out there.


  1. Hangeng – they’re lost puppies without him. But this would call for a whole post on its own.
  2. Bonus personal preference gif:

Epic Fanboy moment pt.4

May 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

This is a fancam that Mis showed me the other day. Fanboys going crazy over HyunSeung from Beast. It quickly became a favourite and I watch it over and over again. It is just an epic fanboy moment. HyunSeung Hyung! HyunSeuuuung Hyuuung!

/The Future is Idol

OMFG, Baek Ji Young

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At some point I turned out to be a big fan of Baek Ji Young. When or why I do not really know, but I am. She is of course a great singer, with lots of beautiful ballads and still very much active and attractive after all this time and eight albums behind her. The new and eight album Pitta was just released and it is of very high quality. Lots of ballads of course, but also the brilliant beakjiyoungdisco track 눈은 왜 감는 건데(Why Do Close Your Eyes), a track I’m listening to constantly at the moment:

This track resembles my old favourite track by her called Give Me Your Lips, which I’ve written about earlier. This is something I do all the time, I tend to obsess over tracks that are not the typical genre for the artist. I listen to Give me your lips over and over and imagine myself that all of her tracks sound similar. They don’t.

But this is really not a big problem when it comes to Baek Ji Young, her latest ballad 보통 comes with a great MV and she performed it live, showing of her enormous vocal talent. After all this time, scandals and the exploding kpop scene, she is really keeping it up. OMFG Baek Ji Young, you make my heart beat stronger.

/The Future is Idol/Ji Young fanboy

Teasing and crushing in another language

May 20, 2011 § 10 Comments

I’m always a bit careful when it comes to groups debuting overseas. When Korean idols debut in Japan, China and US they usually make new versions of their old songs. That is, english versions for US, Japanese version for Japan etc. This is not always a hit, at least not for me. SNSDs japanese version of Genie was not interesting music wise, Super Juniors newly released japanese version of Bonamana was excactly the same, not so much fun. For an old fan, you want to hear something new. It is on the other hand understandable that new versions are made for new markets, it is probably a good way to reach a bigger audience. I’m happy as long as  no kpop group tries to make a swedish version of one of their songs, but apparently the japanese and mandarin speaking audience is fully satisfied with korean artist singing in japanese and mandarin even if they really don’t know a single word of it.

SNSD is now about to release their first japanese full length album, and it looks like it wont be boring. The japanese versions Gee and Genie are already out, MR TAXI, the first japanese single as well, and MR TAXI is a huge hit in my ears. A moment ago, a teaser for the entire album was released by SMENT. and to me it sounds like this is an album worth waiting for. At least if you are a fan of SNSD, which I am. Except the tracks we already know of, including a japanese version of  Run Devil Run there will be eight new tracks on the album, and even if it is hard to really know from the teaser, it all sounds interesting. For me it does not matter if it is in korean or japanese, as long as it is really good pop music. Check out the psychedelic teaser below! I love teasers for complete albums.

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