About being a fanboy pt. 2, a month went by.

March 27, 2011 § 1 Comment

One month has now passed since I started this blog, clearly it was a really good decision to do so.

To be a fan of something is to create a bubble of life for yourself, and perhaps a few others. It is as close to magic you probably ever will get. But you will still have an outside world to deal with and to live in. Jobs, schools and friendship does not go away when you loose yourself in fandom, these things are still there at the end of the day. On the same time, you know that very few people around you will understand this magic. Because this kind of fandom, whatever it may concern, as intense as it is, not the easiest thing to go through and to handle.

I am a grown man in many aspects. I’ve gone through school, university and relationships. I have a job and live on my own since quite a few years. But if i look back ten years in time, I find myself in the middle of my High School years, and surprisingly, with the same dreamy mindset as I have now. The biggest difference is the fact that I get to do the decision making on my own and that I have more responsibilities now. I also discovered that all of this works great together for me, it gives my life more dimensions with every year. I want this.

After starting up this blog, so many things had to be dealt with in my head. To write posts here is not just fun, I mean its a great joy, but also a lot of hard work, and a great deal of soul searching. Through out the blog posts I have to deal with the ambivalence of my own fandom. To write about SNSD as loving their songs and their MVs but still be a feminist with a critical view of a world full of sexism, how can I explain it? Still there are no real answers, but the fact that I try to deal with this is important enough for me.

To share my thoughts upon this i also important. It is actually easier to explain what I love and have problems with once through text rather then doing the explenations over and over in front of friends that stands outside of this bubble, but I desperatly want to include in some ways. I want all the people close to me to understand my intense fandom for pop culture, Kpop and the idol industry. But I also know that I can’t demand that every one understands. How to get arround this problem I don’t know.

My parents both started subscribing to this blog a couple of days ago, maybe and hopefully they will get a feeling of what I’m interested in, and what I find fascinating. Not that I expect them to love the music or the industry behind it, but to be able to understand their son a bit more and to bring us even closer to each other. Also I am happy to discover that friends of mine read my posts, not all of them all the time but once in a while, which I’m truly greatful for. Perhaps this can bring us closer as well.

So, one month went by, many hundreds of people read what I wrote, which amazes me, and some even came back here over and over again. There is still so much more to write about concerning SNSD, Alexander Eusebio, 4Minute, KARA, Key, being a fanboy, the idol industry and everything related. Also, Mis will be back with more thoughts on ethics and being a fangirl. We hope that you will come back here again to share our words and feelings.

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  • […] I’ve spent so much time thinking about Alexander, U-Kiss and the idol industy this spring, ans I’m as confused as ever before. What do I really think, and how does it make me react? When he tweeted with Dongho the first time after quitting U-Kiss my heart almost fell apart, it was so sad. I don’t know if he keeps in contact with the other members of U-Kiss, except Kibum that is, but he seems to have a nice and supportive family. Waiting to see him on stage soon through 3RD Wave, and then hopefully, after that, on his own or in a new group since I really do believe that he is the kind of person who makes a nice idol. […]

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