Why loving Snsd is so difficult, and why I can’t stop doing it

March 6, 2011 § 1 Comment

Super Junior was the first real glimpse into the world of Kpop for me. Struck by the genious of coreography, catchy tunes and a simple but effective MV, I wanted more.
Next in line was So Nyeo Shi Dae(Snsd or Girls Generation) and the song and most of all the MV of Gee.
Gee and follow up single Genie are both songs that took a huge part in me becoming a real fan of Kpop.
The ”Gee effect” is famous for making people through out the world addicted to Kpop. It was, and still is a real door opener for many people to find their way into the specific scene, today an MV with more than 37 000 000 views on SMEs official YouTube channel (if not able to watch, press YouTube symbol down at the right):

I must admit to the fact that I really love Gee and Genie, that I in some ways really love Girls Generation as a group.
Still, I have som problems with this love. The women of Girls Generation are all extremly beautiful, not surprisingly as they are idols, but the way that they are presented some times feels really wrong.
In the Gee MV, they are presented as mannequins, passive dolls, just standing there in a window waiting for a man(Minho) to arrange them as he pleases, later on, in Oh! they cheer for their oppas as if that was the only thing in life important.
The fact that they always wear not much more than hot pants while performing(or mini skirts once in a while) is a bit strange, and for me it feels like a very sexisitic way to present them as they still are professional artists.
I belive in a world with equality for women and men, in a society were people should not be judged according to their looks. This girl group deserves better then being judged only by how much of their legs showing.
I’m also absolutely aware of the fact that sex is a very good way to sell a song and artist,  I can of course also admit to being influenced by the sexual attraction. An idol is not supposed to be a real person, but does the idol have to be just an object of sexual fantasies? I still don’t think so.
So what to do with all of these feelings, since I still admit to loving Girls Generation?
Aknowledging this problem is important as a start, but also to see these women(in this case) as not just objects of sexual fantasies.
They are incredibly talanted dancers and entertainers, just watching them practise the Oh! coreography takes my breath away. Their skills doing coreography is amazing, and a friend of mine who is a dancer says the routines are really difficult to learn.
Also they are hard working business women who chose to not take on the traditional roles of korean women, they are icons, superstars and coming with that, powerful.
As a South Korean girl group, they have also paved the way for other korean girl groups, in for instance the important japanese market. Because of this, they have my respect, and for their performances, Mvs and hit songs I keep loving.
I will problably return to this subject later on, since it keeps on burning inside of me, but this is a first try to explain my love and anguish over one of the most popular girl groups ever seen.

/The Future is Idol

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