I just want the commercial breaks, thank you!(and esthetics to die for)

February 28, 2011 § 4 Comments

I actually started of this blog with an MV from a commercial, this one. Probably the best one ever made. It was exciting as my Kpop interest grew, to see that many of the most briliant MVs were made to advertise something more then just an artist(mobile phones most of the time). This is my second favourite. Super group Big Bang with Lollipop pt. 2, for the LG Lollipop phone. Silly name for a phone, but the esthetics of the clothes and the set is all you need to fall for it:

I am trying to remember a really good commercial in the last couple of years, in Sweden that is. The only one I can think of is the one with thousands of colorful bouncy balls being dropped at the top of a San Francisco hill street, the one with Jose Gonzalez Heartbeats cover playing. It was good the first times, but in the long run it felt a bit quasi. Was it even shown in Sweden or do I remember it just because there’s a Swedish song in it?
I don’t know why this is, the lack of cool CFs in this country, maybe Scandinavia is to small as a market. Evidently I’m not that interested in Swedish pop culture at the moment, but still.
The Kpop scene is filled with amazing CF MVs and briliant songs to accompany them, and as a fan, you never get tired of watching. I don’t know anything about the products adverted really, thats not what draws the attention. We will post more CF MVs later on.

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Alexander Eusebio, your swedish fans cry for you

February 27, 2011 § 10 Comments

Wednesday morning, sitting in front of my computer with my coffee, going through the online newspapers and Kpop news sites. As reading the top news I freeze, and a moment later tears start to fall down my cheek.
What the hell, Kibum and Alexander to leave U-Kiss?
Quickly searching through some of the news blogs and trying to find a twitter update by Alexander(none). It was true.
But how can this be, U-Kiss is not an idol group to have scandals? They are funny, dorky and silly, this is not funny.
I get ready for work, on Facebook, a pending message from my friend Johanna, she wants me to explain what’s going on, but I know just as little.
Calling her on my way to work and we have a long conversation about NH Media and U-Kiss.
Reflection: I am closer to 30 then 25, I’m on the subway, heading for work and I can’t stop the tears from falling, not crying really, but the tears just wont stop. Why? The idol industry is terrible, but I want it to be good.

I manage to clear my head and leave the troubles to work, during lunch another friend sends a text with condoleances regarding U-Kiss. My friends know how much I enjoy their varietys, music and member Alexander, I want him to be my friend. And my friends are just as upset as I am.
We know that it is a tough industry and not every idol will survive, but there are good ways, bad ways and terrible ways to get rid of idols.
NH Media clearly have no problem telling everyone that they find at least Kibum lacking in skills. They want to make a member change. NH Media, obviously suck at diplomacy.
I was never a big fan of Kibum, but he was with them from the beginning, he used to be a member of Xing and clearly, he does not want to leave the group. Poor guy, it must be terrible at the moment.
Alexander on the other hand, even though not being the most popular member, people who just heard about the group only know about the oldest member, him. He is outgoing, funny, speaks many different languages and tends to act really mature in interviews. He can dance and does a decent rap. NH Media wants to replace him because…?
The other members, how do they feel? Atleast Kevin and Dongho seems really close to Alexander.
The rest of the week was colored by this. Kibum is pissed of, kicked out of the agency and with nothing to loose tells everyone exactly what he thinks. Alexander on the other hand, kept in the agency, outside the group, keeps quiet. What does he think? How can this feel? Sitting at my kitchen table drinking beer and analyzing this with a friend, I can only tell you this Alexander Eusebio, your swedish fans cry for you.

Including a video of Brave brothers collaborating with Kevin & Alexander, the saddest Kpop MV ever made?
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Kpop, Feminism and bringing it on.

February 27, 2011 § 1 Comment

Since I only just started this blog a couple of days ago, there is still much to do and update regarding the content. Following is the first, and a text that also is included as a description page to the left.
This is important, so read carefully.
Here at The Future is Idol we belive that women and men should be treated with the same amount of respect everywhere and all the time. AND ALSO NOT WITH DIFFERENT KINDS OF RESPECT.
The society of today still carries strong traces of a patriarchal world in which men ruled over women, in some places more then in others, this is not ok.
These traces are manifested by how we expect women and men to behave, how we want them dress and what is okay for them to do and not to do due to their gender.
As being fans of mainstream pop culture we should always be able to see through what is presented to us and also cheer for those idols who break the patterns of these structures and do not fit with the genreral ideas of being female or male.
As an example: Idol girl groups should not be destined to wear hot pants, mini skirts and have to treat their male colleagues with more respect just because of gender.
This is something that we firmly belive in and will take a stand for through out our work.
MV with cool women to accompany this text, we need more of them:

best regards/ The Future is Idol

No I Can’t Breathe

February 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

Saturday, I’m not satisfied. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s February, a long dark month that tends to take the energy out of everyone and everything in Sweden. The most exciting thing that happend today was to discover that the city has cleaned the pavements from it’s thick layer of ice in my neighbourhood. I Also found a sweater on sale on my way home from the gym, but this is just scraping on the surface.
I’m not going to blame anyone for this lack of excitement, but as a fan, this was also a heavy week. When I started to think about what to write in the first posts for this blog I thought about Yoona, OnKey, Snsd, CF MVs and such. When the news about Alexander and Kibum being kicked out of U-Kiss reached me, the week took a turn to the worse and it’s hard to get back on top of it. I mean, seriously, how the hell could they kick Alexander, when he is running the show?
More about Alexander tomorrow, Yoona in the following week.
For this evening, I’m trying to forget about all of this and turn my focus towards FUN. In an hour, off to meet some friends, and for the moment, a song to start off any party:

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About being a fanboy

February 25, 2011 § 7 Comments

I am a huge fan nowadays. Pop music and pop culture, mainly from South Korea takes up a big part of my life in a way that I never could have imagined.
I was of course interested in lots of things even before, and used to have a great interest in pop music from the swedish, european and north american indie scene.
I don’t really know what people around me think about this.
Sometimes I say that I was never mocked ever in my life for anything as for my interest in Kpop and Hallyu. Maybe that is the case.
I believe that many took it for a laugh or a mere joke in the beginning when I started to spam my facebook with MVs and variety show cuts and writing cryptic messages for those few friends involved.
But it wasn’t a joke.
This one MV link on my facebook wall by the best of friends changed my life and got me hooked, to watch, press You Tube symbol at the bottom:

Never in my life have I been so fixed on something as I am now, Kpop. After many years of disinterest when it comes to music and tv-series, this came as a liberation. It all changed in a matter of days, perhaps hours, and I wonder now how I could resist the invitations from my friends to this wonderful world earlier that spring and summer. It’s insane, how could I be so lame back then?

As the interest grew, it also became important to ligitimize the interest as something more then just South Korean mainstream pop, something I believe it also is, more.
You could write an interesting thesis on almost any subject, certainly about the powerful and growing waves of Kpop. As long as you have the brains for it.

Still, this is not just an interest for intellectualism, not at all, eminently I am a consumer, and I want to be proud of that. Something I’m not always able to be(working on it though).
When I laugh so much that I start to cry over an OnKey gif. or a Twitter update by Kim Heechul it’s got nothing to do with intellect.
To watch U-Kiss act silly through yet another variety in the most insane ways or to watch and use Snsd MVs as drugs when it’s way beyond bedtime is just heaven, and not so thought through. But as a fanboy, that’s ok.

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Kpop Blog, Beginning and Future

February 21, 2011 § 6 Comments

At a party, Friday night not long ago in central Stockholm, it is way after 2 in the morning but nobody cares. All of us present, men and women in age between 20 and 30 has lost the grip of time, and our focus is one only: the computer screen on the desk, everything else has stopped.
Playing: a music video with some of the coolest pop stars in the world, a song that all of us love. The title of the song is Amoled and the artists performing are After School and Son Dambi in one of the most brilliant MV. commercials ever made.

The people present in the room sings along to the refrain and knows the hand movements of the idol stars. For me at that moment, as the music pumps out through the freezing cold night, this is as close to heaven one can get.
A late night kpop party with grown up people, with friends.
Something has happend these last couple of months, the latest year. An interest that in the beginning seemed a bit lonely and odd, only for a handful people around, is now becoming socializing in a bigger perspective. There are more people to share the passion with as the network grows and a strenght in knowing that this is not just the laughing stock of friends and acquaintances.

That night left me with happiness and I felt a need to express myself, and to share my thoughts.
This kpop blog is for sharing thoughts and dreams, both old and new. A swedish and perhaps scandinavian fan view on the Hallyu of South Korea, the impact it has on our lives and how it can change the way how we see the world.
If it is fun, the blog will live on. The name of the blog refers to the fact that the writers consider the pop culture of east asia with it’s idols, to be a significant part of the entertainment scene of the future world.

welcome/The Future is Idol

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